Foldable Crutches for better Mobility and Comfort

The aim of the project – to suggest a research based design of a crutch for short-term users. The crutch is foldable, adjustable and gives a user the possibility to switch a type of a crutch by changing its upper-part. It also provides better stability, mobility, comfort and supports user’s self-esteem. The accessories for the crutch – a special crutch bag for carrying small personal belongings and a backpack for carrying bigger things and/or storing crutches when they are not being used.

transformable crutches

transformable crutches

transformable crutches

Designer : Rimgaile Samsonaite

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7 thoughts on “Foldable Crutches for better Mobility and Comfort

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    This website you've created is a treasure trove of innovative products and designs.

  2. We are a manufacturer/distributor of healthcare. We are very interested in your product please let me know how we can contact you to discuss your crutches.

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