Eluma Lights Speaker System with 4 LED Balls to Set The Mood in Any Room

A cool addition to any party or special occasion, Eluma Lights Speaker System will set the mood in any room. This device is not just a speaker, it also offers color changing LEDs with up to 4 modes: lamp, mood light, beat, and party smart lighting. The main unit delivers powerful sound, it features touch control where you can tap to change the light mode. Simply place each small LED ball (up to 4) in any place that you want to set up the mood, whether it’s a romantic dinner, a cozy environment, or a party. The best part is, you can purchase additional LED balls and control them all from the main unit, place them around the room for extra ambience.

From : Brookstone [Buy It Here]

Eluma Lights Speaker System

Eluma Lights Speaker System

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