Ducati SuperSport Motorcycle for Your Daily Riding Pleasure

Ducati SuperSport offers you the energy and excitement of sport wherever you go. This motorbike balances sport and comfort for your daily riding pleasure, it features 113hp with 937cc engine, it has maximum torque of 9.86kgm at 6500rpm. Equipped with sophisticated electronic management to make sure full-bodied supply and an immediate, easy to manage response.

The body lines of SuperSport feature dynamic shapes, making it visually compact and light. It is designed for road-going sports that suit everybody while integrating elements just like you can find on those Ducati sports bikes, such as single-sided swingarm, sculpted tank, and compact silencer with two overlapping exists. The innovative front fairing allows for uninterrupted aerodynamic profile, it brings eyes to the sculpted tank and volume of the fairing. The tail piece, which is separated from the rest of the fairing, creates sports elegance for optimum aerodynamic efficiency.

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Ducati SuperSport Motorcycle

Ducati SuperSport Motorcycle

During daytime, you can turn on the Daytime Running Light. The LED technology creates bright beam with iconic shape, it offers day-time visibility as well as sharpens the bike’s appearance. Ducati SuperSport comes with Plexiglas screen that is adjustable up to 50mm, it offers nice aerodynamic protection at higher speeds. With 16-liter tank, this motorbike would be a nice travel companion for medium-range trips, including advanced technological details such as Ducati Quick Shift.

Ducati SuperSport Motorcycle

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Ducati SuperSport MotorcycleDucati SuperSport MotorcycleDucati SuperSport MotorcycleDucati SuperSport MotorcycleDucati SuperSport MotorcycleDucati SuperSport Motorcycle

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