Fighter Sci-Fi Motorcycle

Here comes an astonishing and sexy design that blends extreme power with crispy simplicity. This advancement has derived from machine which has been engineered and invented for best possible performance. This bike is no less than a dream comes true for anyone having interest in sci-fi and fighter motorcycles. This is the limited edition Fighter Motorcycle with 190 mph of performance. Bike is made up of materials like carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum chassis. While riding this bike, you will have to literally lean forwards. You will surely enjoy your 64″ wheelbase, 27″H seat and integrated braking system ride with many more interesting features. Prepare for $110,000.00 to ride this futuristic motorcycle.

fighter motorcycle

fighter motorcycle

fighter motorcycle

fighter motorcycle

Designer : Confederate Motor Company [ProductPage]

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5 thoughts on “Fighter Sci-Fi Motorcycle

  1. that is not a motorbike, is it a few lumps of metal with wheels at each end, most hideously ugly abomonation i have ever seen, an insult to us true two wheelers

  2. $110,000 and the POS doesn't even have shaft drive? This is a design exercise by someone who has never even sat on a bike, much less ridden a high-performance machine.

    Imagine that chain breaking at 190 mph. No fenders, no chain guard, no protection. Instant mutilation.

    A stupid idea from non-bikers.

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