Byrna Foldable Target Trap to Practice Your Aim with Byrna Launcher

You can practice your aim when using Byrna Launcher using Byrna Foldable Target Trap. As a compact, non-lethal self-defence device, this launcher can’t be categorized as a firearm, yet it’s a toy either! It’s still an effective device to protect youself, but you have to learn to aim it right to launch that ammo. This foldable target trap would be a nice accessory to practice your aiming skill. It’s made of high quality rubberized taffeta nylon with durable steel frame, its built-in double net helps reduce noise and add additional stopping power. That tent design allows you to conveniently collect all those projectiles with ease.

Byrna Foldable Target Trap

Byrna Foldable Target Trap

Byrna Foldable Target Trap

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