Backpacker Saxophone Is Made of Forgotten Timber

Handmade in Missouri, Backpacker Saxophone is a wooden, portable saxophone. Designed by an award-winning wood carver, this music instrument is definitely that your traditional saxophone. As you know, a traditional saxophone is composed of 600 parts and weighs up to around 8 pounds, it’s impossible to carry on hikes or at a campsite. But now, thanks to Ron Marr, you can bring portable version of Saxophone wherever you go, it’s a player-friendly version music instrument crafted using forgotten timber.

Backpacker Saxophone by Ron Marr

Backpacker Saxophone is lightweight wooden music instrument. Ron Marr finds a lots of forgotten timber around his lawn, so he decided to hollow and burn out each instrument’s sound chamber then charred, sanded, and smoothed to nice and slick finish. Rather than standard 25, Ron drilled and tuned six holes before affixing a copper plumbing elbow, it adds signature sax mouthpiece. This instrument is capable to deliver a warm sax tone where beginners and pro horn players would love picking it up and play out. [Buy It Here]

Backpacker Saxophone by Ron Marr

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