Ammonoq Submersible Boat Concept with Re-Breather Unit

You must have heard or read about submarines, some of you must have had traveled in these submarines, but have you ever thought of submersible boats. A new concept has come into existence with this revolutionized submersible boat, called Ammonoq. It is equipped with all the necessary accessories to survive beneath the water. Fin wheels provide a steady movement in water where as on-board re-breather facilitates a comfortable breathing for the passengers. It provides easy accommodation for three passengers with a remote key transmitter to control any internal or external devices. A GPS sensor tracks the exact position of the boat and redirects the path wherever it goes.

ammonoq submersible boat

ammonoq submersible boat

ammonoq submersible boat

Junji explanations :
I have come to realize that people’s interest in marine leisure is at all time high. More and more people are enjoying snorkeling, diving, and boating. They are many concepts and fully functional personal submersibles. Hotels such as in Dubai provide underwater experience. However, I felt that there is a disconnection between the underwater realm and water surface activity. The concept was the result of my approach to balance the physical and emotional aspects that encompass marine activities: (i)the love, enthusiasm, and curiosity of people for marine experience on water and underwater, (ii)safety of all life form underwater which includes people, (iii)nostalgia for the great spinning wheel of steam boats and aspiration for something new. The way it submerges or re-surfaces is simple: ballast tank in the hull is filled to submerged or emptied to re-surface. Buoyancy is controlled by partially releasing the water in the ballast tank.

ammonoq submersible boat

When on surface, Ammonoq is just like any other boat except that it has a glass top. During the submersible mode, oxygen is made available from the re-breather unit housed under the seat. It provides up to three passengers. Each seat has a compartment where the regulator is stowed and is readily accessible to each passenger. There are also dive tank storages in the rear of the cabin for scuba diving. Therefore, the concept can also be for rescue mission underwater for coast guards.

ammonoq submersible boat

There are two fin-wheels and each is driven by an electric motor. The fin-wheel is made out of the same materials as scuba dive fins and can rotate in the same direction to propel forward or backward. The long fins are used to propel forward and there are also wedge-shape parts on the fins that push against water to reverse. Since the fins are flexible, there is much lesser risk of injuries unlike propellers.

The traveling speed is expected to be about 50-60km/h on water, and of course, much slower underwater. Maneuver is also possible by one wheel rotating at a faster rate then the other or one wheel at a still. The steering utilizes electro-servo control that senses at what rate to turn from how much the driver tilts the handles.

ammonoq submersible boat

The control console provides information such as speed, rpm, depth, oxygen level, as well as location by Sonar and GPS. One thing that I did not show is the remote key transmitter which allows the rider to control Ammonoq outside of the cabin. This gives freedom to the driver to enjoy diving while Ammonoq ‘tag’ along side.

Designer : Junji Kawabe

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