Flight Kitchen by Franco Pelosi

With modular kitchen being the order of the day, this new Flight Kitchen design from Franco Pelosi Design Lab is surly a designing marvel. This smart and easy design, which is also visually appealing, is something that will improve the overall look of your kitchen. Designed to give the user a complete comfort feel wherein everything is at an arm’s reach like the placing of plate’s shelf just above the dish washer or the drawers to keep kitchen accessories. It also comes equipped with the household electric “wide Electrolux” 381 cm which takes care of the cooking aspect thus being a fully practical solution for all your kitchen needs.

flight kitchen

flight kitchen

flight kitchen

Designer : Franco Pelosi

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2 thoughts on “Flight Kitchen by Franco Pelosi

  1. Hello Franco,

    from the first second it is obvious, you have never done anything but a cup of tea in the kitchen 🙂 This is the most unfunctional kitchen i have ever seen. It is also ugly, but nevermind it this time. Lest focus on the functionality 🙂

    1) have you ever need 2 cooking panels? Yes of course you did, if you prepare meals for an army.

    2) Well ok, so we have 2 cooking pans, which gives us at least 8 dirty pots and a lot of dirty plates that our army have left on the tables and guess what – We have no washingmachine!

    3) 2 owens? ok, good for our army-boys… or maybe on of them is our washingmachine?! oO

    4) placing of plate’s shelf is definitly the place for one size of plates, but most of armys in this world doesn't mind such luxury things as 2 sizes od plates 🙂 Please show me some plates, that mind to stay in this vertical position supported in 2 places by straight wires 🙂

    5) ok, so i have this beaytiful and functional kithen of yours. I decided to add an electric cordless kettle, toaster, breadbin, an ellectric cutter (even 2 items of each kind, renember we have an army here) and suddenly i got no place at all for making my sandwiches or mix some ingredients in a bowl! Wow this is so functional!

    • Naraya, when I designed this model did not want a traditional kitchen with washing the garbage pail, but the design “out of the ordinary,” appliances of extreme luxury, all kitchens are boxes with doors, I decided to change, every day I cook , and tastes are personal.

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