Smart Switch Enables You To Control And Monitor The Flow Of Energy In Your Entire House

Avery Holleman, designed this Smart Switch as a part of his senior thesis in Industrial Design. His goal was to create a system that could be easily installed into an existing home, allowing the user to control and monitor the power through the entire house. This amazing system allows you to save energy and to assign amounts of power to different rooms. The system is consisted of four main parts. The first is consisted of the smart power outlets that can be programmed and controlled, the second are the smart switches that can display power usage and control multiple outlets and lights, the third is a master switch which gives detailed power usage over time and gives control over the whole system and the last but not least is a remote which is used to program the system.

All of this is made simple with a universal icon based touch interface. The system’s technology utilizes power line communication, which makes it easy to connect to the wires already existing in your house. It’s also an energy saver too, due to the e-ink display which uses very little amounts of power.

Designer: Avery Holleman

design concept smart switch

design concept switch

smart switch concept design

Smart switch

switch concept design

smart switch design

smart switch concept

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