Volkswagen L1 Concept Car : 1 Liter of Fuel for 100 Kilometers

The Volkswagen L1 is a concept car, designed in a fuel efficient way that can propel around 100 kilometers or 62 miles by using one liter of fuel. Recently the designers have prepared a prototype of this car by combining great aerodynamics, supremely efficient powertrain and lightweight engineering.

The powertrain of the VW has been furnished with two-cylinder, turbo-diesel 39-hp engine with a 14-hp electric motor. Besides, the car comprises a stop/start mechanism and a dual-clutch seven-speed transmission through which it can quickly reach 100 mph, while dropping the fuel economy to an extraordinary 1.38 liters per 100 km.

vw l1 car concept

vw l1 car concept

Aerodynamics of the front-wheel-drive L1 is optimized by a two-seat layout where occupants can seat in a row. Therefore, the car is relatively long, extremely slim and quite low comparing other traditional cars. The body is made of carbon fiber, making it lightweight of merely 838 pounds.

vw l1 car concept

vw l1 car concept

vw l1 car concept

vw l1 car concept

vw l1 car concept

From : VW via wcf

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stephen russell says: October 6, 2009

Id rent this, very unique for a VDub.


Mistie says: October 7, 2009


That iz very cool!!!!!!!!!!!

I would so get that!!!!!!!!!!!

jagannatha prasada says: January 31, 2011

what is the price of this car

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