Telephone + Digital Frame = Frame Telephone

Now you can have your telephone with a digital photo frame. The great concept of Frame Telephone is developed by the designer Tao Ma. This latest generation telephone is equipped with touch screen where you can easily change your choice of background screen. Beautiful pictures of your family members, friends as well as your own pictures can be shown continuously on the screen of the frame. If you want to see picture of the person you are talking with, you can insert a photo for each number stored in the telephone. There is a USB attached to it which connects it with your computer. Change the color of the frame as per your need. Even if you miss a call, you don’t have to worry because pictures of the caller can be seen on the screen. It delivers a modern stylish look to your desk or wall and is very useful for a tech savvy like me.

tao ma frame telephone

tao ma frame telephone

frame telephone concept by tao ma

frame telephone designed by tao ma

Designer : Tao Ma

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