Braille Staircase Handrail to Navigate Visually Impaired People While on Walking Up or Down Stairs

Staircase handrails usually are not considered to be a great navigation, however, if we use Braille Staircase Handrail, it would be really handy for visually impaired and blind people. The system can be integrated easily with common staircase handrail, thus providing great navigation information to assist visually impaired without changing their experience of those with other people. This Brail...
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Braille Sight Produces A Tactile Diagram of Its Surrounding for Visually Impaired People

These glasses have been exclusively designed for visually impaired people. Well, it’s not exactly ordinary glasses, named as Braille Sight, this device provides blind people with an impression of the things around theme. You can say this device works just like a camera, but instead of producing a photograph, it produces a tactile diagram. In this way, visually impaired people can touch and feel ...
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Soft Pet : A Pet Mobile Phone for Visually Impaired People

Soft Pet, when you hear these words, you probably imagine a dog or a cat or other furry animals. Well, it’s actually a mobile phone which has been designed especially for visually impaired people. Aside from standard functions such as Braille buttons and speech input, this gadget features other innovative technology as well. It is equipped with “call-and-response” system, user can name this ...
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Metro Dot : Bracelet Transportation Card for Visually Impaired People

Metro Dot is a bracelet type transportation card for the visually impaired. While using the subway, you can verify at which station you are at or how many stations are left until your destination through the braille on the bracelet. Also, the bracelet will let you know when to get off or when it is time to transfer by vibration, so you do not have to worry about missing your stop. Visually impa...
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BB Little Garden Brings Aromatic Plants In Your Kitchen

BB Little Garden proposes a new cooking experience to its user. This project is based on the idea where cooking is an act of creation, sharing and exchange, it features sensory cooking technology. This system is radiant growing lamp that protects aromatic plants inside your kitchen. A minimalist object with clear lines, sleek and stylish, it adapts to a wide variety of indoor environments and make...
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Omnifer iPad Accessory for Visually Impaired People

Right now, iPad could be one of the best mobile devices in this planet, however, the design itself is not perfect for visually impaired people. Omnifer iPad accessory aims to make iPad more accessible to these people; it helps them more accessible to internet on-the-go. The design will still keep the iPad thin and light, the 3-panel flip design gives iPad the ability to switch between Braille mode...
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Credit Card for The Blind by Kwon Ki Nam

To help the visually impaired carry out day-to-day activities just like others, designers are coming up with new innovative products. The latest one by Kwon Ki Nam is the Credit Card for the Blind. When a blind person uses his credit, there is no way for him to check the payment amount. Also, after the card is swiped over the card reader, it requires the car owner’s signature, which becomes quit...
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Haptical Braille Watch Project from David Chavez

We have featured Haptica Braille watch and this concept attracted a lot of attention. It is an ideal watch for blind people, it allows them to check the time accurately without an audible disruption. This product meant for people with disabilities is of a niche market. It is quite difficult to raise funds or find a huge organization in order to back these products. David needs the minimum fund of ...
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Tactility Mobile Phone Is Especially Designed for Blind People

The Tactility is a specially designed mobile phone concept that will diminish the limitation of blind peoples being uncomfortable with traditional mobile phones. The usual mobile phones mainly focus on its aesthetics and functions, without thinking of the usability for a person who will not be able to see it. Moreover, different model handset contains different keyboard arrangements, as well as di...
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Universal Phone Is Especially Designed for Blind People

Usual mobile phones contain a small dot on the 5 key that allows the user to press the other keys even without looking on the keypad. Thus, even blind people can write text messages with conventional mobile phones. But what will they do when it comes to reading a text message? The Universal Phone concept is specially designed for blind people, but sighted people can also use it even efficiently. T...
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