Haptical Braille Watch Project from David Chavez

We have featured Haptica Braille watch and this concept attracted a lot of attention. It is an ideal watch for blind people, it allows them to check the time accurately without an audible disruption. This product meant for people with disabilities is of a niche market. It is quite difficult to raise funds or find a huge organization in order to back these products. David needs the minimum fund of $150K to start producing this watch. High emphasis is placed on the amount of money need to fund the product because the money raised will help finalizing the technology study for the watch’s mechanical as well as electronic engineering. This will help manufacturing the funds and the packaging as well, thus putting Haptica on track. You can back this project in this page : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1294391907/haptica-braille-watch

Designer : David Chavez

Haptica Braille Watch

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