SylvanSport Go Camping Trailer : A Comfort Motor Home

SylvanSport GO camping and travel trailer will give you the comfort of a motor home while maintaining the simplicity of the tent. It works like a pop up camper which can be fixed anywhere as it occupies less space. Also it is quite light compared to regular trailers thus can be pulled by even small cars. The whole set up takes a few minutes and comes out to be a size of a king size bed, which seems perfect to rest after a long drive. These beds also double up as a table thus making optimum utilization of space. Their MSRP is $8995, which includes everything, including large rear awning and poles, internal bed panels, 4 self-inflating POE air mattresses and spare tire kit as well as a long list of small items such as straps, bags, etc. Well I guess not that cheap for a travel trailer.

sylvansport go camper

sylvansport go camper

sylvansport go camper

sylvansport go camper

SylvanSport words :

This is a three-in-one towable vehicle that morphs from compact, traveling profile to rugged toy-hauler mode to spacious and comfortable camping configuration. The integrated, lightweight unit can be pulled by almost any vehicle and can carry up to 800 lb. of gear. It can also accommodate top-mount racking systems. For its toy-hauler mode, GO’s control-tilt deck releases at the front, angling the deck toward the rear for loading. The tilted deck lowers gradually back to level with a hydraulically-controlled return. The camping configuration features a weather-proof tent system and a sleeping surface equivalent to a king-and-a-half sized bed.

sylvansport go camper

sylvansport go camper

sylvansport go camper

sylvansport go camper

Designer : SylvanSport

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Cool Tent trailer says: September 25, 2008

Nice tent trailer. That looks light enough to tow behind a motorcycle.

razor says: May 10, 2010

wow. this is awesome!!!! is it still in concept or where can we get one

Yenny says: May 11, 2010

@Razor, well actually you could buy this cool trailer. Check out SylvanSport website.

biglou64 says: June 22, 2011

Nice concept, but the price is way too much. It's a utility trailer with a built in tent. For that money you could be into a small pop up with a heater, frig, sink…… Drop the price another 2,500 at least and you may move this item. If your margins aren't that great, you need to rethink your costs.

Clark Garrett says: March 19, 2013

Just about the only downside I can see is the small size. Anything more than a small family would feel cramped in there. I sure hope there’s an option for a bigger version of this trailer.

Peter Klein says: April 1, 2013

Honestly, this will only be comfortable enough for two people at most. Still, that is enough to make the idea of a camping date a solid enough choice.

Ned says: April 4, 2013

I didn’t even know these existed. Looks so much more comfortable than our tent that my wife and I use while camping. It’s the perfect size for a couple. Any more than that might be a problem.

blanche says: September 11, 2013

great, but where do you buy them…

blanche steffenson says: September 11, 2013

good thing where are they sold

ken bravo says: September 25, 2013

Awesome idea, but the cost is way too much. It’s a application movie trailer with a designed in covering. For that cash you could be into a little pop up with a heating unit, frig, drain…… Fall the cost another 2,500 at least and you may shift this product. If your edges aren’t that excellent, you need to reconsider your expenses.

Selfie says: March 13, 2014

this is such a good project im doing a project on it

Mark says: July 28, 2014

From a cost standpoint it seems a little steep, but is sure looks cool. It is very versatile, so it could be worth the money for the right person.

annabela says: December 31, 2014

Awesome covering movie trailer. That looks mild enough to tow behind a motorbike.

dream says: February 16, 2015

Awesome concept, but the price is way too much. It’s a program film movie trailer with a developed in protecting. For that money you could be into a little pop up with a heaters, frig, strain…… Drop the price another 2,500 at least and you may move this item. If your sides are not that outstanding, you need to reevaluate your costs.

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