Stow Away Stroller Converts Itself To The Proper Dimensions of Your Carry-On Luggage

Moving around children on a stroller, especially at designated locations like the airport, is always a hectic issue. The Stow Away concept stroller has been designed to simplify such an event by converting itself to the appropriate dimensions of a carry-on luggage. As a result, you can say goodbye to the tiring hours that you used to spend carrying your child around after storing the stroller under the plane. On the back of the stroller, you can find mesh pockets where baby bottles, diapers and blankets can be stored and accessed easily. Moreover, the mesh screen will block harmful lights and yet let you keep an eye on your child.

stow away stroller

stow away stroller

stow away stroller

stow away stroller

stow away stroller

Designer : Michael Rall

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idan hallewa says: February 24, 2010

If i could buy this i want to know the price for 500 pices

Carolyn says: April 5, 2010

I love the way the stroller becomes it's own carry case. I recently used a Quicksmart Easyfold on a flight from Australia to New Zealand and back. It was a great idea, but the bag was a pain to carry around. This concept is brilliant. If you start making them, I would love to sell them for you in Australia.

cathy says: February 25, 2012

are these for sale in nz yet

Abbyj says: July 24, 2012

How much does this cost and where can I get it?

Yadira Carrasquillo says: May 26, 2013

Hello! I'm very interested in this stroller. Where can I get one? Thank you!

ghanaan says: September 24, 2014

Hi I am interesting in purchasing this stroller but I am situated in Cape Town South Africa please inform me how to go about it and what this stroller costs Thank you.

Tammy says: July 27, 2015

How much does this cost and where can I get it?

Tabitha says: October 17, 2015

Where can I get this, and how much does it cost? Thanks

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