PIT IN : A New Life Style of Bicycle

No more worries for having to hunt for a place to have your lunch at the park, after parking your vehicle. Just hook your bicycle into the Pit In, a groundbreaking parking space meant for bikes. The Pit In concept is simply awe-inspiring which lets the user park the bike and use bicycle seat to sit on, providing the user with a table surface to have his/her lunch. Sitting on the bike’s seat, the user can do anything, be it checking emails using laptop or having a fresh cup of coffee. This exceptional concept replaces the conventional chair with a two-wheeled form of transport. Pit In works great in open spaces where cyclists can stop in and have their breakfast on their way to work. No more worries about locking your bicycle. Pit In is made from a material called Plywood t18. Its dimensions include L71xD90xH115cm. In fact, this excellent table has been nominated for Design report award in Milano Salone Satellite in 2009.

Designer : Store MUU

PIT IN Table for Bicycle

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Jim says: May 19, 2011

You must be kidding first of all a bike seat is not fo sitting on to eat my lunch OMG! when I get to the park I want to get off that seat. it's kind of like half sitting and standing real controftruble to sit and balance that way my but and legs can get tired before I go back to work. I think for the cost of this the park could buy a few more benches sorry I just don't think this is the answer. nice try but no cookie

RITU BH says: May 24, 2011


Jimmy Martinez says: December 19, 2011

Why not make it a work out station? Adjust the design to allow the user/owner to cycle and the table can then be used for a laptop or some thing. I know when I'm at the gym and on the bike, I'd like to send emails and work but Have to create make shift structures to do so…..

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