Waterlogic 4 Gives 100% Purified Water Guaranteed in Every Cup

Waterlogic 4 is an ultimate water dispenser combining the leading edge technologies and stunning design. You will be able to purify ambient, cold and sparkling water through this unique, innovative and completely unprecedented design. Waterlogic commands such value because every since the primary Point of Use machines, the innovation of waterlogic has helped to form the evolution of the latest water dispenser. This is easy to use water purifier is claimed to be the future of drinking water. The ...
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Moonlight Laptop Concept with Dual Curved Screens

Moonlight laptop is just a concept yet but it is possible to make it today since all the technologies are already exists. The uniqueness of this concept design is the duel curved screens, bigger one of 16:9 and other one with 4:3, which reduces eye stress by maintaining an average distance from the eye to the laptop screen. The lower display is a touch screen and can work as a mouse or run a mini OS in the background, or just as an annex of the bigger one. The frame is sensor controlled and ligh...
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Ondo Music Editing Phone Concept : Play It, Mix It, Rock Out To It !

The Onyx; this was the model mobile phone which took the more traditional keypad to a whole new level by introducing the touch screen edge. With just a finger or a joystick you could click your way to revelation. But even with the pomp and color that Synaptics and Pilotfish, who are interface developers and industrial studio designers respectively, launched Onyx, it still wasn’t good enough to get sold. But it may have become the harbinger of future mobile phone concept developments. With P...
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Renault E0 Car Concept with Solar Panel Roof

Renault E0 is a superb concept car from both the aesthetic look and brilliant features. The name E0 symbolizes Emission ZERO and the design of this car was based on a particular style of Renault, inspired by the architecture of Frank Gary. This Eco Friendly car has four seats and is specially designed keeping the upcoming future in mind. The car is deigned in two different platforms: one contains an electric charging mechanism and other one includes an electric combustion piles which is fueled b...
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Trunk Eco Friendly Motorcycle by Nicolas Petit

Harley Davidson TRUNK is a sovereign biking concept aiming at re-establishing green. The Trunk Concept derives self-sufficiency aspects from the earlier version of Harley Davidson to retain the quality and class. At the same time, TRUNK biking also targets to root modern specialties. The biking solution provides two vital features, one is Recycling and other one is Natural Materials. Trunk is a revolution and the advanced Chassis is developed in due with the features of Sequoia, a Californian fo...
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BacVac Fuel Cell Vacuum Cleaner with Backpack-Style

Vacuum cleaners are an unavoidable appliance for those who would like to keep their households neat and clean. There are many available vacuum cleaners over the market but not many of them are as effective as BacVac, a fuel cell concept vacuum cleaner. This smart backpack-style vacuum cleaner is powered by an integrated fuel cell which allows the user to enjoy a cable free cleaning experience. The main goal of this vacuum cleaner is to meet the residential cleaning needs and is hanged over the u...
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Relax Lounge Chair Design for Your Living Room

Ever wanted to sit on a chair that recreates the ambience of contentment and tranquility after a days work? Then you can be part of the many folks who've discovered the relax lounge chair. These people have, from seating on it or placing it among the treasured furniture in the living room, come to realize that such a hand inspired chair with an infinite elasticity that allows you to glide on air is a must. The chair with a touch of genius is a coupling of functionality and know-how that borders ...
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Amuen : The New Social Network for Creative Souls

World-recognized strategy, innovation, and design consultancy RKS, in collaboration with Neuma, is proud to announce the debut of Amuen.com, the new social network where creative souls can connect to celebrate, showcase, and inspire all kinds of creativity and art. When it comes to reasons to live, art and human interaction top the list for Carson Hill, painter, tattoo artist, and inventor. “Art is very inspiring – to me the universe and everything in it is art,” said Carson. Steve John...
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Transport Heavy Items with Special Designed Helicopter

Use of Helicopters for lifting heavy items are not that trendy in the recent world but still there is always a need of a helicopter that can lift gigantic items for easy and quick transportation. This heavy lift robotic helicopter concept was designed during last 2008 with keeping giant lifting capabilities in mind. The innovative design will let the helicopter to pull a remarkably high object and the placing of the propellers have made them easy movable to offer better control. Both of the land...
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Cube 2.1 Wireless Speakers by Joao Carneiro

The total number of sound enthusiasts is increasing everyday all over the world and speaker manufacturers are always trying to offer something unique and powerful to attain their customer base. Professional Sound Reproduction is a 2.1 sound system featuring two wireless 360º speakers and a sub-woofer that can be positioned anywhere to enhance the surround sound perception. CUBE 2.1 includes a powerful dock where MP3 players, TV or a computer can be connected with a USB interface. Easy transport...
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AngelWing : Acoustic Informer for Blind Pedestrians

People, who are disabled from vision, need an aid to foresee the roads and anything else that is lying in front. The AngelWing is one system that is designed specially for the blinds so that they can sense whatever is occurring within a particular range. The system consists of a set of Bluetooth device which includes a transmitter, earphone and sensor. The entire system is compact and hence extremely useful. The sensor looks like a white and red regular stick but it is much more efficient than t...
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SteriShoe is A Remedy for Stinky Shoes

In order to pursue the busy and hectic daily life, most of us have to run all through the day, which results stains, bad smells and bacterial objects all over our body, especially inside our shoes. We are using various products for cleaning our body but Steri Shoe is a great product concept that we may consider as the world's first ultraviolet shoe sanitizer. This product can fit inside almost any size of shoes and kill fungi and bad odor in your shoes by using ultra violate lights. With the inn...
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You Can Keep D-Roll Laptop Inside A Tube

D-roll is a next generation concept laptop design which is way distinctive from usual laptops in both shape and function. The long tube shape of this laptop, which was inspired from the storage tubes that artists are using for storing large drawings, eliminates perception of the traditional book looking laptops. This multifunctional laptop has two working modes. When it is operating in full function mode, the laptop is unfolded completely and all peripherals are turned on. The main display is tu...
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Braille E-Book for Visually Challenged People

Braille E-book is a conceptual design of a digital and portable e-book reader, developed by Korean industrial designers. This is quite certain that by seeing the design, everyone will admire that this gadget is really necessary for reading e-books. However, e-books of Braille compatible version are not much available in the market because of the higher price. EAP is the mother technology that can develop special patterns on the plastic surface by raising those elements with an electronic signal....
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Luxury Green Teckell by Adriano Design for B.Lab Italia

Teckell is offering their superb playing field with essential forms and pure design, which is completely made of crystal and characterizing its outstanding statuettes in aluminum and elegant transparency. From Adriano Design collaboration with B.lab Italia and through an ongoing environmentally conscience research, Green Teckell is born; a truly original lifestyle and luxury design. This limited edition inserts itself as the first of a new generation of B.lab’s best seller Teckell Collection. ...
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