GlucoGrip Detects Your Blood Sugar Level and Leaves No Scratches on Your Skin

GlucoGrip is a high-tech concept kit for detecting blood sugar, specially designed to avoid additional medical instrumentation expenses by combining agronomy and technology in a simple and easily manageable way. This single device incorporates lancing and blood analyzer, reducing the timing and gestures for the collection through one object at your fingertips. The smart needles that are used to get the required blood drop are optimized by interchangeable disks which leave no scratches on the ski...
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LifeLine Bracelet Will Track Your Health and Encourage You To Remain Active

LifeLine is a modular bracelet shaped health tracking system that can monitor heart rate, temperature, blood sugar levels, and wirelessly synchronize and display this information into a mobile phone or a computer. This device will create graphs according to the data it gathered from the user and encourage them to remain active by providing week to week feedback. The power source of the stylish bracelet is the human body itself. Moreover, it can be charged through wireless power pad or USB cable....
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Honda U3-X : Future Personal Mobitily Device

The U3-X is an experimental personal mobility device concept by Honda, that can provide free movement to the rider in all directions, backward, forward, side-to-side and transversely by implementing Honda’s balance control technology and latest omni-directional driving wheel system. The users will be able to adjust speed, moving directions and stop anyhow they want by leaning their upper body. The one-wheel-drive compact mobility device allows the rider to seat at just around the same eye leve...
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Loop Vignette : Eco-Friendly and Lightweight 2-Seater Electric Car for Next Generation

Loop Vignette is an eco-friendly and lightweight 2-seater concept electric car designed for the next generation riders aiming to customize the mobility ideas with more closely associated lifestyle products, technological gadgetry and the Internet. The outcome is therefore a brand new, sophisticated, fun, desirable and most significantly affordable experience which the target customer can relate to. (more…)...
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Luxury WHY Wally-Hermes Yacht Redefines The Art of Living On The Sea

The WHY yacht is a concept yacht dedicatedly focused on bringing luxury living lifestyle on the sea through offering maximum durability, space and cutting-edge technologies at every single turn. The yacht is contained in a triangle shaped hull measuring 58 x 38 meter and the interior is furnished with water resistant buffalo leather with calpinage technique. Aside from the 25 meter long seawater pool on the bow, the boat creates a completely flat water surface behind it, similar to an Olympic-si...
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Jaguar C-XS Concept Car With Ability To Change Its Shape and Style

The Jaguar C-XS concept car can intelligently tailor the needs of a driver by changing its shape and style in two different modes. The Saloon Mode features a higher roofline, allowing four people to seat in a comfortable manner. Alternatively, when it is in Sport Mode, the car folds the rear seats and lowers the driver’s seat to give it a sportier feel and appearance. Moreover, the interior of the car changes in this mode by rearranging the air vents, placing a large grill, changing the headli...
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Eco Pods Architectural Design with Robotic Arms

The Eco Pods are a structure concept that can act as a temporary algae bio-reactor in vertical way. This concept is specially designed for Boston and features robotic arms, powered by micro-algae mechanism, which will continuously rearrange the pods to different positions to ensure the best possible growing condition for the algae. Moreover, these eco-pods are intended to inform people about the potential of micro-algae as a bio-fuel that can be produced vertically. Aside from being just a bi...
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PowerMat Charging Platform For Your Gadgets

The PowerMat is a concept charging platform where users can charge their various electronic devices simply by putting them on the mat. This sleek and slim charging mat can be perfectly used at home or office and can charge up to 3 devices and has one USB power port. To make a device powermat-enabled, all you have to attach the certain back cover designed for each particular device like iPhone 3G, BlackBerry, Apple dock, and many more. For those devices that don’t have a powermat back cover, th...
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Helio DAB Radio Concept with Gratzel Panels Technology

Helio is an innovative DAB Radio concept from Bold that features eco-friendly solar panels to produce the required energy from sunlight. It comprises functional Grätzel panels that works inside better than outside and their textures are envisioned to be transparent, giving an alluring appearance. Hello gives back radio its traditional captivating ability in the current age of miniaturization for electronic items. Evoking the esthetic of tube amplifiers, Hello showcases cells with complementing...
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iHammock : Let Your iPhone Relax While Getting Charged in Stylish Manner

Usually, phone users keep their phones silent when they are working at office to avoid embarrassing situations like a cell phone screaming out in front of the boss. But when they place their phone on their desk in silent mode, it creates an even louder noise because of vibrating. iHammock is a concept iPhone dock where your phone can relax while getting charged in a stylish and innovative manner. This functional device contains a parasol that acts as a solar power battery charger. Users will ope...
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Innovative Indoor Hydroponic Plant System

The Hydroponic Plant System is an innovative concept that offers the user a comprehensive gardening facility by implementing efficient and functional technology. It is actually two twisting metal tubes starting from the floor to the roof of the room, where plants can be placed in different arrangements, allowing maximum convenience for taking care of them by reaching them all at once easily. Moreover, this innovative plant arrangement will provide better options to accumulate lights for the plan...
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E-Bin Mobile Electronic Recycle Bin for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

e-Bin is a mobile, smart and versatile electronic recycling bin concept designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It features touch screen technology and can be programmed to send and receive useful information on both the user and the provider end. Therefore, a bin can tell a user the exact location of the nearest bin if it is full and notify the recycling company about its state at the same time. Moreover, it can also let the user know if their item would be suitable for reclining or not. T...
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2014 Winter Olypic Stadium and Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia

State Corporation “Olympstory” has unveiled their innovative design for the 2014 Winter Olympic Stadium with every possible surprising attributes. The main stadium design along with the venue overlay plan delivers a great vision of the upcoming winter Olympics and an everlasting sustainable heritage for Sochi. Its getting advantage from both it's mountainous backdrop and coastal location, whilst its wonderful crystalline skin engages with the surrounding areas by day, and gives an iconic vis...
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Hot Cup Design from Vivek Sasindran

Hot Cup is a concept coffee cup along with a beautiful and functional stand that will keep your tea of coffee hot for a longer period of time that will allow you to enjoy your hot tea while working at office or talking in phone. There is a heating mechanism on top of the round flat of the stand that will heat up the coffee cup slightly when placed on it. Also, the bottom of the cup is a conductor, which is able to transfer heat to its content, keeping it hot as long as you keep it there. The cup...
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Volkswagen L1 Concept Car : 1 Liter of Fuel for 100 Kilometers

The Volkswagen L1 is a concept car, designed in a fuel efficient way that can propel around 100 kilometers or 62 miles by using one liter of fuel. Recently the designers have prepared a prototype of this car by combining great aerodynamics, supremely efficient powertrain and lightweight engineering. The powertrain of the VW has been furnished with two-cylinder, turbo-diesel 39-hp engine with a 14-hp electric motor. Besides, the car comprises a stop/start mechanism and a dual-clutch seven-spee...
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