Tactility Mobile Phone Is Especially Designed for Blind People

The Tactility is a specially designed mobile phone concept that will diminish the limitation of blind peoples being uncomfortable with traditional mobile phones. The usual mobile phones mainly focus on its aesthetics and functions, without thinking of the usability for a person who will not be able to see it. Moreover, different model handset contains different keyboard arrangements, as well as different operating menus that make it harder to operate a cell phone for blind people. The keyboard o...
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Portable Vacuum Cleaner Design by Max Germano

The portable vacuum cleaner is an innovative concept of a wireless, compact and easy to carry vacuum cleaner that features an ergonomic handle and a built-in charger. The main inspiration of creating this product was to create an emotional link among people in a stylish and pioneering manner. This lightweight gadget is an ideal small cleaning solution for both in the car and at home. Users of particular color enthusiasm can opt for a Portable Vacuum Cleaner from four different colors available a...
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Tabelit Sensory Toy for People with Learning Disability

Tabelit is a learning toy concept that will help people with learning disability to paint by pushing buttons with different coloring facility, allowing expressing their creativity. It has been designed with five different layers and features two mini speakers to produce quality sounds. The left sidebar includes an illuminating touch strip, on which the user can slide their finger to select a color that will come across the switches. The user can learn shapes by following the randomly appearing s...
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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 with 8.1 Megapixel Camera is Lighter Than X1

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 with its 3.2” touchscreen has been officially unveiled after its sleek-looking predecessor X1. If you consider dimensions, the latest X2 is close to its previous version; however, it’s lighter than the X1. The X2 features a redesigned keypad just like that of a netbook and reveals by sliding out the upper portion. The 8.1 megapixel camera is one of the major upgrades of X2. The custom panel interfaces have been enriched with fourteen preloaded and sixteen more dow...
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Artistic Taxius Animalus Electric Vehicle by Francis Gomes

Usually, a taxi continuously runs 12 hours everyday, including the standing time when they wait for passengers, resulting huge wastage of fuel and harm to the environment. The Taxius is a small and light built taxi concept that uses electric power to transport people over different areas of busy cities or countryside towns. This taxi comprises an organic inspired sculpture which is simplified using tough fabric, strengthened chords and welded hollow tubes, forming a functional volume with great ...
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Conceptual Playstation 4 with Glass Touchscreen Panel

The Playstation 4 concept was inspired by the massive popularity of its previous versions, while featuring much more functionalities than any other versions of playstation users have encountered. The first notable feature is the cool, transparent appearance of both the joysticks and the main unit. The transparent area of both elements comprises touch buttons for operating the device and the glossy black round compartment is to place the discs of your choice. Playstation 4 will give the gamer a u...
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No More Ladder Slips with Feet First Ladder Safety System

The feet first ladder safety system addressed two main issues; ladder slips and angle control, which was inspired by the frequent accidents happening due to slipping the ladder base. The device attaches with the ladder footing, allowing increased friction and greater control at the ladder base. The grip has been specially designed to replicate the adhesive attributes of gecko feet for increased friction, even in damp surfaces. The grip is made of gecko synthetic adhesive polymer, which comprises...
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Sony Ericsson Jalou Cell Phone by Dolce and Gabbana

The Jalou phone is the outcome of the latest partnership between designers Dolce and Gabbana and Sony Ericsson which features latest technology along with fashion statement to make others green with desire as well. The unique design of this phone was inspired by the multiple surfaces of a cushion-cut gemstone. The features that must be talked about this phone are its efficient 3.2 megapixel camera that can tag photos with their geographic position, a 2-inch high resolution display, stereo Blueto...
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Moleculair 3D Food Printer to Provoke Innovative Ideas of Cooking

The Moléculaire concept is actually a marriage of science and cooking, which is actually a 3D molecular food printer. This device is inspired by chefs who painstakingly and scientifically experiment with food to surprise the guests and provoke innovative ideas of cooking. The Moléculaire simplifies the existing hectic, tough and time consuming process of food experiment with this Computer Numerical Control (CNC) food printer for both domestic and professional kitchens. This gadget works with a...
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Stone In The Creek : Wall Basin Mixer Concept Saves Water In Efficient Way

Stone in the Creek is a wall basin mixer concept that can radically reduce the amount of water wastage during everyday use. This useful concept has two modes, one is Straight flow mode and another one is Side flow mode. Water flows straight as usual when it is in Straight flow mode, which releases water fast and in high volume, ideal for pouring water. On the other hand, the Side flow mode offers larger surface area of water than Straight flow mode but fewer volume of water flowing per second. T...
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Renault Picnic Zero-Emissions Concept Car Provides Room for Social Gathering

When people goes for a picnic, a car that can provide room for social gathering parked in an urban landscape is always desirable, which was the main inspiration of designing the Renault Picnic concept car. This car can become an urban furniture, where people can re-acquaint themselves with the surrounding natural environment with its various functionalities. It features LED-impregnated DOL that allows adjustable and customizable tinting patterns that will make the car’s surface a public art. T...
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Tea4Two : Portable Electric Tea Kettle for 2 Persons At A Time

Tea4Two is a portable concept electric tea kettle that can prepare tea for two persons at a time, one with its inner container and the cap of the kettle will act as a tea holder for another person. The simple and nice looking kettle offers great user friendly operating with only one functional power button that will switch on the kettle and will be switched off automatically once the tea is ready. The glossy body is made of highly durable and heat resistant plastic that can easily be cleaned wit...
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E-Ink Display Technology Implementation by Continuum

E-Ink is a concept display technology with very thin, durable, flexible and low power attributes, which is also referred to as an electronic paper sometimes. This project is a continuum challenge for the designers to create innovative applications for this unique technology. Among many, we think that one compelling solution was to evolve the E-Ink film into the top exterior of a snowboard, since the riders of snowboards often require information about the mountain they are surfing and don’t wa...
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Tok and Study Furniture for Students

Reading on bed instead of sitting on a chair in front of table is a usual issue with students. Tok and Study is an innovative furniture specially designed for those who prefer reading on bed with equal functionalities that of a table. This furniture is capable of making the reading environment conducive for studies by combining dynamism and comfort. The Tok and Study fits both the study with notebooks and study with traditional materials, when lying on a bed or sitting on the couch. The most eff...
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Switchital Clock Design with Unique Time Changing Manner

The Switchital Clock features a digital screen where letters for showing timing are formed with small metal bars attached to the surface with small magnets underneath. The clock shows only hour and minute, it doesn’t show seconds because of its unique time changing manner. When a minute is over, the individual pats start to move, some gets disappeared and then integrates in a specific place that is required to show the next minute. This movement is done by the magnets that starts pulling the b...
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