Nissan Land Glider with Innovative Computer Controlled Steering System

The Nissan Land Glider is a compact electric vehicle concept that features an innovative computer controlled steering system, allowing the car lean into the turns for better balance. The driver seat is placed centrally inside the narrow cabin of this two-seater car and another seat for the passenger is located directly behind the driver’s seat. The steering wheel has been designed like a flight yoke and cameras and monitors have replaced the rear view mirrors. The dashboard is one more thing o...
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ZENDOME.20 Home Edition for The Exclusive Home & Garden Area

The ZENDOME.20HE is a unique recreational spot concept enclosing a 20sqm and increasable up to 1000sqm of exclusive floor space covered with sensually arched roofs. The brilliant and creative characteristic of the organic space and advanced frame system has really made it an eye-catching and distinct structure. Moreover, several domes can be combined in inspirational groups. Powder-coated steel and PVC coated polyester fabrics are the main materials that have been used to form this great waterho...
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Fima Touch Screen Faucet Will Do All The Thinking For You

The Touch Screen Faucet from Fima is equipped with smart and intelligent features that will do all the thinking on behalf of you. This unique and innovative gadget will pamper you with high-tech traits but yet features a simple and stylish outlook. Its sleek lines, stylish stainless steel made body, simple shape and touch sensitive display will help you to preset the ideal temperature of water and control the usage, making it an environmentally responsible and elegant bathroom essential. Hanging...
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Particle Mask to Reduce Chemical Exposure

The Particle Mask concept has been specially designed for commercial cleaners with the goal to reduce chemical exposure. A study has unveiled that more than 25% of people who are overexposed to chemicals at work such as cleaning sprays, have higher risk of developing occupational asthma. This mask features filtration compartment along with removable filter to purify the incoming air and exhaust the used air through airway opening. It features a resizable head strap that can be adjusted to fit al...
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PUMA Segway by Michael Ditullo

The Segway and General Motors have redesigned the PUMA or Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility project and the outcome is a more unique and functional urban commuting vehicle with great outlook and features. It features an innovative horizontal design that provides complete comfort and safety to the rider. Several bone lines forming of the vehicle leads the eye from front to back instead of top to bottom and runs smoothly closer to the ground. The distinctive details of this two-seater vehi...
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Beautiful and Pleasure Light from CandleAmp

The CandleAmp concept has been designed to give a pleasurable light in a room glowing from two clean, replaceable and sustainable soy candles. It features a simple push lighting and extinguishing the flames allowing the users to eliminate the candle associated inconvenience and safety issues with the insulating cover and sturdy wooden base. The inspiration of the project was to attract more and more people as candle users in a more functional and stylish manner. The outcome is a compact, ligh...
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Breathing Bathtub for Healthier Bathing Experience

The Breathing Bathtub concept is designed to turn a simple bathing into a healthier experience and is radically more proficient in terms of water and energy consumption in comparison with other conventional tubs. The lining of the bathtub features sponge like material that can mold itself according to the shape of the users, ensuring ultimate comfort and therefore, requires less than half the water generally used. The sponge materials are able to filter the water via a process like osmosis of pl...
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Smart Design Bin to Deal with Electronic Waste

The Smart Design Bin concept is a perfect solution to deal with electronic waste in three ways, depending on the condition and type of the waste, to ensure shorter recycling process with no negative environmental impact. The system works through five elements. Bin: The bin is designed to put in residential buildings permanently to provide people a space for recycling old or broken electronic goods, batteries, etc. Also, users can sell high value old items via the website and send them through...
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RocStar Faucet, Basin, and The Mirror by Hany Mansour

The innovative RocStar Bathroom concept has been designed aiming to overcome the limits of the conventional bathrooms and heighten the efficiency of the same. It features three main components that have been differentiated it from others; the faucet or the Rocstar, the basin and the mirror. The Faucet comprises five arms with different functionality such as three of them are supplying water, liquid soap and toothpaste, and the last two acts as driers. The Rocstar top is made of transparent pl...
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Ankida Yacht by Lila-Lou

The Ankida Yacht concept was developed aiming to move away from the conventional center-line arrangement by integrating the mast, keel and sail configuration with the hull naturally. The bow like arrangement of the vessel allows effective propulsion through the rig generated force. The sail layout and its operation have been designed to cover the surface area and best possible positioning to the wind condition and direction. Moreover, enhanced performance has been ensured by automatically adjust...
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Mint Seal : Personal Seal for Individual and Corporate Seal for Legal Entities

The concept Mint Seal has restored the security issues that personal or corporate seals have lost these days. This concept has been designed with a locking case for the seal side and a combination lock at the other end to unlock and print the seal. There is a red dot on the body of the seal which is the level where the secret numerical combination should be aligned. After setting up with the password, turn the knob 180 degrees to come out the seal from the casing. After finishing with printing t...
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Nomad Lightweight and Simple Wheelchair for Your Comfort

The Nomad Wheelchair concept is the outcome of Mark Owen’s continuous effort with his brother Jon and Angela Gidden, a furniture designer of Studio SDA, after he got paralyzed in a motorbike accident. The inconveniences and difficulties he has faced with the traditional wheelchairs became the key turning point of Mark to make an innovative wheelchair that can overcome all those problems successfully. Finally, the lightweight and minimal mobility device reached the production house with the mon...
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TVR Throne Car Concept by Hussien Al Jammazi

Hussien Al Jammazi has envisioned an excellent and unique car concept name TVR Throne that has all the aesthetical aspect to make a person get amazed. The designer has given his maximum effort to make unique components for the car. Starting from the rear view mirrors through headlights to the front hood, everything has something extraordinary to offer to the viewers. This excellent aerodynamic design comprises V8 supercharged aluminum engine that can generate 638 hp of power, well enough to go 0...
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Mantra : Automated Life Saving System to Tackle Beach Safety Issues

Mantra is an automated life saving system concept aiming to tackle the beach safety issues that usually causes drowning casualties such as slow response time, inadequate surveillance, lack of lifeguard safety, and limitation of lifeguards as human. The Mantra concept contains small hairs with embedded electro sensors that detect distress and drowning people and swims up automatically to the spot. The victim them picked up carefully onto the built-in stretcher and it carries him or her on top of ...
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Audi Avatar 3-Seater Electric Supercar for 2032

The Audi Avatar is a 3-seater electric supercar concept specially designed for the drivers of 2032 to enjoy the pleasure of driving that they experienced playing racing games during their childhood days. The appearance of the car is much identical with the science fiction flying cars we used to watch. This futuristic car concept features 4 extremely powerful in-wheel electric motors powered by supercharge-ion batteries. The ultra lightweight aerodynamic body along with the powerful backend, it c...
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