Wold’s First Personal Brewery by WilliamsWarn

The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery boasts 6 key technical features, which when combined together would create the first brewing appliance in the world. This combination allows people to make their freshest beer with minimum effort. The main technical ...
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VIERIA Inhales Pollutants and Dusts Through The Filter and Exhales Clean Air

Gun-woong Kim aged 24 and Su-ji Kim aged 23; belong to the ANALOG, an Industrial design group at Kyung-won University. They always tend to challenge many competitions to show up their talents. Their recent invention is VIERIA, the ultimate solution i...
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Teckell by Adriano Design Is Made Entirely of Crystal Glass

Teckell stays unique for its lucidity, its clean lines and its refined aluminum cast figurines. Made completely from crystal glass, Teckell was intentionally designed to wow the community and grab the attention of people towards a brand that was prem...
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Éva Indoor Farmer : Green Alternative To The Traditional Compost Heap

Éva isn’t just a contemporary decorative item for restaurants. It is a stylish, high-tech composter. Designed to be assembled and maintained quickly and effortlessly, Éva blends in magnificently with any interior and certainly does an outstanding...
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Electrolux and Domus Academy in Milan Unveiled The Future “ReSource” Kitchen

As the result of the challenge made by Electrolux to the students at the Domus Academy in Milan, the concept of Future ReSource Kitchen has been unveiled. Design Manager at Electrolux, Bruno Lizotte revealed saying to resource is to re-generate, remi...
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Easy Way : a Self-Checkout e-Shopping Cart That Uses RFID Technology

It can be quite frustrating to wait for hours in the long line in a supermarket or a shopping mall. What if you have an option of making that time worthwhile? Yes, "Easy Way" has been designed as a self-checkout e-shopping cart that makes use of RFID...
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Fluidi Urban Vehicle Design To Avoid Traffic Jams

These days, the urban outdoor vehicle becomes a recurrent issue primarily when it comes to urban planning. In order to cope up with this situation, an excellent urban cab concept grounded on a scooter model has been designed. With its miniature conce...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Transportation

FOOW Eco Rider by Pietro Russomanno

With a zeal to develop an incredible society of the future, sustainable mobility has become a crucial topic tackled these days. Issues pertained to energy and space economy invariably collide with the demand for lithe mobility. Even if novel servi...
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Twist&Brush : Toothpaste and Toothbrush in One

Imaging that you are squeezing out toothpaste rather than ink, and you have tooth brush instead of a pen. Finally barter the metal for plastic and now you have Kawamura Ganjavian’s Twist&Brush, an innovative toothbrush with its own ply of tooth...
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Mobee Technology Presents The Magic Bar To Recharge Apple Bluetooth Keyboard & Magic Trackpad

Mobee Technology has unveiled the world’s foremost inductive charger for Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, “The Magic Bar”. It is a perfect solution to recharge input devices, which takes only one minute to setup. Some of its breatht...
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Voronoi 125-meter Long Megayacht by Hyun-Seok Kim

The designer of Voronoi yacht, which is 125 meter long, said that he tried to build an exclusive and enjoyable opulent yacht. He named this megayacht as Voronoi that originated from Voronoi pattern. This 20-meter beam max single hull megayacht will c...
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Aston Martin CPT002 Mobile Phone by Mobiado

For those who missed Mobiado and looking forward for another one, here is the happy news for you. The Canadian company has giant plans for this year, some of them would be fulfilled in partnership with Aston Martin, a renowned British sports cars mak...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Designs and Concepts, Mobiado

IKKU Watch by Löytö Esineiden Offers Unique Way to Read The Time

The designer of the IKKU watch project, who has done several designs of stunning analog watch, has come up with the new analog clock, which is open to great possibilities primarily by its particularity. The IKKU watch has been designed in stainless s...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

PalletteCase For Your iPad Is Made Out of 100% Merino Wool

PalletteCase is a unique case that helps grip your iPad. Made out of 100% Merino wool felt plus sturdy vegetable tanned leather, the slim and protective case grips your iPad securely in landscape and portrait mode as well. With a small opening behind...
Posted in » Accessories, Designs and Concepts

Framed by Vrouyr Joubanian

With Television being our favorite everyday pass-time, we tend not to miss out any news channel that highlights important happenings over the globe. However, because of the denationalization of the media plus its corruption, the news are suppressing ...
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