Twilight Is Your New Futuristic Cooler And Air Circulator

I would love to have Twilight for better air circulation and showing off in my house! Take a look at this futuristic home appliance and you'll feel the same way. The main idea of Twilight is to establish better functions and better interaction among users, environment, and appliances. You can feel a light breeze to chill, mixed up with your favorite fragrances, home sweet home. An OLED display allows you to view images or videos that can be uploaded to the Twilight via the remote control. I'm th...
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Duka Electric Motorcycle Combines Traditional Look With Advanced Electric Components

So, you think the Duka electric motorcycle is an old-school bike that your grandpa used to drive during his college days? Take a closer look and think again. Aside from its conventional outlook, the Duka motorcycle features advanced electrical components that help the rider to personalize the bike easily. The unique center design has been achieved through the inside-out aluminum frame structure that is based on structural I-beams, making it safe and durable. ‘Pods’, interchangeable component...
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Surf Shelter Keeps Surfer Protected And Provides Them With Required Energy From The Nature

In order to provide a safe and comfortable shelter for surfers on harsh British coasts with powerful wind and lack of sun, HJC Design has envisioned Surf Shelter with innovative aerodynamic detailing and the functionality of the helmet of ancient warrior’s with different layer shell construction. The curvaceous form of the beach shelter creates a charming interior space with maximum flow of light and air inside. Aside from its aesthetical appearance, it can generate the required energy for the...
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PlayCloud Pavilion Is Reminiscent Of A Swimming Jellyfish

PlayCloud pavilion is full of fun, it aims to interact with people with its inflatable structure. People are allowed to sit and lean on it. These interactions are causing the inflatable structure to produce changes in air pressure. It makes the structure to gently sway, pretty cool huh? It's like there's a giant curtain surrounding all the people inside. The level of transparency, translucency, and opaqueness is determined by the thread's density and by human activity. Feel free to play with it,...
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ForFreedom Caravan With Aerodynamic Design For Urban Couple

ForFreedom Caravan is an expanding living unit especially designed for urban couple in the need of a short break. The flowing caravan form is aimed at creating stability and fuel economy. Due to its compact size, this caravan is easy to handle and connect to your car. Take a look at the interior. It has been designed for easy personalization with modern style to easily adapt to its owner lifestyle. It might look small from the outside, but is actually pretty spacious inside. Designer : Robert...
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Bi Computing With Back to Back Monitors By Pauley Interactive

Bi Computing is a conceptual back to back monitor as your next generation computer display. It is designed as a solution for best practice business policy. Dual LCD displays in one monitor can also mean cost effective, reduction in energy consumption, and less electronic waste. Bi Computing with back to back monitors provides the perfect platform for gamers, internet surfers, business applications or watching TV and movies all at the same time, in the same place. Designer : Pauley Interactive...
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iWatch : Futuristic Watch Design by ADR Studio

Will Apple announce iWatch as their new innovative product? We hope so, because this watch looks unbelievably cool, just like the rest of Apple's product line. This futuristic watch has aluminium body, WiFi, Bluetooth, integrated RSS reader, 16GB internal storage, and weather forecast system. You could also connect this gadget to your existing iphone/ipad by WiFi or Bluetooth. The best thing from this concept watch is its inbuilt LCD projector to display images from your iPhone/iPad. Designe...
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HOLO 2.0 : Future Wearable Computer for 2015

What do you imagine for the next generation computer in the year 2015? Let me give you some hints: it's going to be wearable, fashionable, equipped with ecological power source, holographic display, and of course, connected anytime anywhere. HOLO 2.0 is a project designed to be the next computer replacement for the future. This wearable computer offers a new user experience with its portability and ground breaking architecture. This multi function gadget allows you to keep connected to the web w...
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USB Flash Drive Design by Emir Rifat ISIK

Pretty cool design for a flash disk, don't you think? Emir Rifat ISIK, an Istanbul industrial designer, has designed a unique memory stick with the characteristics of tortoise shells. The retractable USB head eliminates the problem of losing the cap. Hopefully this USB flash drive works a way much faster that a turtle. Designer : Emir Rifat ISIK ...
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Curl Playground Swing Design To Attract Children To Play Outdoor

Computer games, PSP, Nintendo WII, PlayStation, and many more are causing children to have less and less outdoor activities. I can still remember my childhood days, I used to be so excited when my parents took me to play in the park. The part of swings and slides, hide and seek, running around with my friends, BBQ, and outdoor picnic, were the activities that really thrilled me. Unfortunately, that's not what is happening nowadays; children are too busy staying at home playing their video games....
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Prinitor Ensure Space Efficiency By Combining A Monitor And A Printer

The Prinitor amalgamates a thin LCD monitor along with a fully operational printer to make it space-effective and at the same time, the concept is pretty much unique from aesthetic and functional aspect. The monitor features three touch buttons with different color and symbol for different tasks. Additionally, it contains a photo control button that allows even the non-graphic professionals to calibrate the image easily. Another innovative feature of the concept is the ability to print the face ...
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Alfa Vico Yacht : A Moving Art On The Sea

Form follows function, we can say that after checking out this stunning look of Alfra Vico Yacht. It's simple, clean, and luxurious, a moving art on the sea. Unsatisfied with common electronic systems available on the market, Afra Vico has chosen to invent and purpose-build new patent pending electronic control systems, mechanizations, cleats, and other important functional elements while keeping the aesthetics of every aspect of this yacht. Designer : Cagnina Design (more…)...
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PedalBoard by Nicholas G. Sawyers

Pedalboard is not your conventional skateboard anymore, it's a skate board bicycle hybrid. It is designed with the idea of combining free action of a board and geared advantage of a bike. You'll get the freedom to climb hills without having to push like a conventional skateboard, thank you to the special designed spring that is loaded with "half cranking action". A pair of large wheels and air tires will give the board capability to deal with dirt, rough concrete, or cracks in the pavement. D...
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Your Life in 2020 by FrogDesign

FrogDesign has envisioned what our life would be in 2020. Back in last December, they held a workshop in San Francisco and brought designers, futurists, and journalists together to imagine what we would experience in the next 10 years from now. From that workshop, ThingBook, Bodynet, and Whuffie Meter were born. The collection of illustrated concepts that envision how technology affects every part of our life, remind us to those hi-techs in sci-fi movies. Designer : FrogDesign From Frog De...
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Vokswagen Bik.e : Minimalist Electro-Micro Mobility

Volkswagen Bik.e is a very stylish electric-micro mobility unveiled at the China Auto Show. This cool looking mobility art looks like an electronic foldable bike, but we don't see any pedals. Unfortunately there's no press release from VW regarding Bik.e concept. Hopefully this is not just a design study, we would love to ride one, it's perfect for urban area. Designer : Volkswagen via [ZerCustoms] (more…)...
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