Futuristic Car Design with Transforming Multifunctional Wheels

Transforming Multifunctional Wheels is an innovative device that is created with sheer caution and brilliant conceptualization. This wheel is used in the most powerful motor cycles on United States. The wheel contains around 24 spokes and all of them are made from carbon fiber. They are elastic and strong enough to make the wheel even more efficient. The stark red color on the outer surface makes it more attractive and unique. The design of the wheel feature serrated portions which is unique ind...
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Stratos Evo Car Concept by Niels Grubak Iversen

By the looks of it, the new car designs by Denmark based Industrial designer Niels Grubak Iversen, can be said to be taken straight out of any super hero movies. This beauty named as Stratos Evo when on the road will ensure one thing : the traffic will stop! As other drivers on the roads will just admire and drool over it. Stratos is a study of form over the 1970 Bertone Lancia Stratos Concept (also known as the Stratos Zero), the designer really like the original car and wanted to study the ext...
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Foiljet MR1 Recreation Hydrofoils Vehicle Concept

Many of the auto concept designers are trying to create best of both worlds by being inspired and transforming one means of transport to another one thereby deriving exciting results. Like the new Foiljet MR1 which on the look of it seems to have been designed for sheer fun as it has taken the best of the features of motocross bike and jet ski along with two hydrofoils and a silent energy efficient electric motor all of which together create a mind blowing effect. The motor helps the bike to be ...
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Awesome Jet Powered Flying Bike Concept

The concept design today is not just restricted to the ones running on the road but designers today are coming up with exciting designs for both modes of transportation, be it on air or on water. These also include the designs aimed for leisure and pleasure, on these lines come the "Jetbike" designed by San Francisco based designer Norio Fulikawa. The concept looks hot as it can be said to be the racing bike of water because it is aerodynamically designed and has an awesome exhaust pipe and two ...
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Dell Wasabi is The First Inkless Pocket Photo Printer

Life today is living in fast lane so to say this is an era of instant coffee with everything one does have to have instant results. Even the innovations are being planned out keeping this is in mind and one of them being Zink's inkless pocket photo printers. Just the size of a card, this product is a one button printer which has been designed to easily get connected to any camera phone thus giving one the flexibility to take prints on the move. The device gets connected through Bluetooth technol...
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Solar Charger by Sonic Design

This new solar charger by sonic designs is something that's picked out from the books of space ships as this charger can be placed anywhere to charge the cells. This new improved version comes with a larger suction cup which helps it in being able to fix itself in any surface thereby being charged from any position, wherever it has access to sunlight. So what you have in hand is the stripped down version of essential components like the batteries and the control module so wherever you have the s...
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Spurt Bicycle Trailer for Ambitious Cyclists with Kids

Nowadays, concept designers are concentrating on delivering better products which not just look good but also address many of the essential concerns that the user has. Spurt is a bicycle trailer designed to satisfy the parents and children alike. The concept ensures that it's far beyond its good looks as it also ensures the basic needs of riding a bicycle like agility, safety, and comfort. The design addresses the problem of poor vehicle handling, as the overall construction makes it easier to m...
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Eco-Friendly Tamarack Lake Solar-Powered Boat Concept

This new concept by Jason Hill and Nathan Armstrong is carrying forward the philosophy identified in Aptera 2e. This environmentally sound beauty made for zipping on the waters is a concept that Tamarack Lake Electric Company would like to be associated with. The energy variant in this boat is solar powered Loon and this giving the boat a new signature look. Also since, the twin hulls have been integrated to the deck, it is more rigid but the weight is also kept on the lower side. The best thing...
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Immaculate Explores New Possibilities for Prosthetic Devices

One of the best innovations that has happened is the invention of prosthetic limbs which has given a new dimension and hope to those who have lost their limbs due to an accident or other reasons. Today advances in the medical field have ensured that these extensions look very much like the human skin. But that's also a disadvantage to look at as some may feel reveled by touching it, hence immaculate is a concept that ensures that it is as much a part of the body as it is connected to the central...
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Hurricane Car Concept with Innovative Body and Wheel Suggests a New Paradigm of Automobile’s Structure

This is a unique vehicle called by the name Hurricane and features the design that is inspired by the speed and power of the hurricanes. The steel gray structure looks immensely stylish and shows off the powerful stature of the vehicle. It has wheels that are complexly coiled in order to enhance the speed and pace of the automobile. The handle is strong and there is a screen to shield the rider from all obstacles. There is a steering that is set with a rod for better user interface. This is sure...
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Go Rack by Abhinav Dapke

The mantra today for all the designers is go green as more and more products are being designed keeping in mind the E factor. Like The Go Rack designed by Indian designer Abhinav Dapke, it's an OLED strip with a solar panel. The two aluminum members are connected like clothes rack and have a solar panel on its back which can be placed in the sunlight for charging. And the charging hours can be seen through the indicator placed on the edge of the cloth. Once the charging is achieved one can bring...
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“Hold The Line” Modern Alternative To The Traditional Public Space Bench

Christian Precht has designed great pieces of furniture for various purposes. The seating furniture created by Christian resembles a "waiting loop" in appearance, he call it : "Hold The Line". It is curved and looks quite sculptural. The seating arrangement completely changes the concept of a normal bench. It is modern and unique unlike the other public seats. Some of the benches feature geometrical shapes which are stylish but comfortable to sit. Network cables and power supply run through the ...
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Motobecane Motivo Comes with A Battery Carrier Stored in A Suitcase

This is an electric motor bike that has style written all over it! This beauty is called Motobecane Motivo, a single seater designed for the purpose of motoring in around the city without much of a hassle. Designed by Spain based freelance designer Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez, the bike comes with a battery carrier stored in a suitcase and the battery can be charged easily at home. Also the design material is a mix of aesthetics with modern technology. The walnut wood and leather mix sure gives...
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Futuristic Mission One Motorcycle from Mission Motors

To fulfill dreams into reality is what legends are made of and one such designer being Forrest North. His desire to make light weight electric motorcycle drove him and his team to deliver a stunning design and all this happened after successfully designing a car on the same lines. This sports model is powered by a lithium ion battery which is lighter in weight but does not compromise on the performance. With its stunning looks, Mission One surely seems to be in the reckoning for the big league, ...
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Go Fresh Fridge by He Cheng Fei

Designers have started designing products that are not just good to look at but are also environment friendly and saving resources. This new concept called 'Go Fresh' is an energy saving fridge which has been uniquely designed to keep the items fresh while saving energy. The fridge has been divided into 12 individual compartments which can be temperature controlled individually. These honey comb shaped compartments automatically shuts the air inlet the moment the desired temperature set is reach...
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