Squibble Portable Braille Interface Allows Visually Impaired and Blind People Accessing Their Mobile Phone Easily

The Squibble is a portable concept device with Braille interface that provides tactile, audio and high contrast visual feedback for visually impaired and blind people, allowing them accessing their mobile phones and other technologies easily. This stylish pockatable device features Bluetooth connectivity and offers the opportunity of personal interaction regardless of where it is being used. The internal arrangement of the Squibble has been emphasized on optimum use of the internal space and use...
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Hussar Dakar Rally Vehicle Has Been Envisioned to Dominate the Track

The Hussar Dakar, a swift and agile concept rally vehicle, has been designed like a Winged Cavalry that applies similar principles of adaptability, self-sufficiency and mobility of an aggressive creature. The wings feature advanced winged energy restoration system that creates constant kinetic energy and strategically distributes the energy to different elements of the vehicle when running. Moreover, the system contributes incredible air breaking power to the vehicle when all wings are turned in...
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CMYK Folding Electric Bicycle for Public Transportation

The CMYK folding electric bicycle offers comprehensive solution for short commutes aiming to complement public transportation by reducing the amount of vehicles on the streets. This compact bicycle has the ability to fold via few easy steps and can be put into a carry bag, ensuing maximum functionality and comfort for them who wants to carry it on the bus and take it to their office. The bike can be plugged in any 110V electric outlet and runs for 50 minutes after a two-hour charge. To make it e...
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ELA 2010 : Electro Bionic Bus Concept by Mohammad Ghezel

The ELA2010 is an electro bionic bus concept that has been designed as a combination of nature and technology. The shape of insect eyes, feet and wings has been implemented on the 8 separated wheels including individual in-wheel electric engine. The concept comprises a roof-top solar panel that can generate secondary energy to empower the wheels and the weird looking back part has no functionality expect giving the concept a more unique look. When the two side doors open, this futuristic bus tak...
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Tow-N-Stow Offers Smart Towing and Storage Solution

The Tow-N-Stow, with its around 50 cubic feet of lockable, water resistant storage capacity, offers the users to tow up to 1000 lbs of substances including landscape mulch, plywood, soil, sports/camping gear, sports bikes and lawn tractors. Aside from using it as a towing cargo, it can be used as a great place for you to store your seasonal or recreational items outside the home by turning it into an upright outdoor storage unit in no time. The outer shell of this innovative design is reinforced...
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Shine Birch Lamp Concept Looks Like A Full Bloomed Flower

The shine birch lamp concept has been designed to make the birch shaped lamp become alive with great innovation that was created from the designer’s dream and love for people. The base of the 25 centimeter lamp can be easily gripped by one hand and combines 5 duplicating segments that make the lamp like a full bloomed flower. Each segment contains individual bulbs inserted inside and covered with matte Plexiglas, a matte plastic made lamp material, to make the lamp a unique piece. The 5 lumino...
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Traditional Deco Rides Liner and Scoot Meets Modernity

The Deco Rides Liner and Scoot concept is combined with a Lincoln Sedan Delivery 1939 car, modernized by unique front-wheel drive chassis design developed by a team under Gary Brown and a 92 Harley Sportstar. The car Deco Rides Liner took around 3 years to develop that features a 9-foot sliding area powered by an electric motor in the center of the car where the bike can fit in easily. Though both the car and the bike contain all the innovative facilities that can usually be seen in latest cars,...
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Arbo Moving Capsule Concept by Jeongche Yoon

The Arbo concept is a futuristic transportation vehicle that has been designed with an extremely extraordinary appearance. This capsule like electric car has two modes, when it is in driving mode, its quite hard to distinguish the front and rear end, and when its in arbor mode, the doors lift up with the roof above, making a perfect open place to enjoy the road. It comprises two batteries, the primary battery can be charged via usual 220v electricity, and solar energy has been used to charge the...
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Eurasian Gondolas-The Dawn of a New Transportation Era

The Eurasian Gondolas is a concept transportation network with a length of 12,000 km and 2400 gondolas that has been envisioned to connect 31 cities with comfort of luxurious rooms, smooth traveling and ultimate safety. The main stations are situation in renowned cities like Istanbul, Bangkok, Dubai, Shanghai and Mumbai and the trip offers the boarders to get off and change their gondola around after every 300 km. The toned 360 degree panorama window allows enjoying perfect view and gives privac...
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Pour Your Cup of Tea with Ignotus

Ignotus is a concept metal made container designed like a samovar that can boil water and make quality tea for users. It comprises an internal fire tank filled with coal or charcoal to generate the heat without spending a healthy amount on your electricity bill or fuel expenses. The bottom tank resides the samovar nose which prevents scum getting a cup of tea as well as improves the flavoring qualities of tea. The double case of Ignotus allows keeping the water temperature for a longer period of...
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Innovative and Luxurious Garia Golf Car

The Garia is the first golf car in the world that has been designed with meticulous luxury through quality craftsmanship and innovative thinking that can offer guaranteed exceptional driving experience to all range of golfers. If features hand-stitched seats, a built-in refrigerator and an exclusive customization program through which users can have painted their Garia according to their preferred color. The highest automotive industry standards have been considered during the design process of ...
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Colored : A Suitcase with Built-in Whiteboard and Markers for Children to Play

Colored is a suitcase shaped entertainment box designed to eliminate the boredom that children usually face during waiting for a bus, train or plane at rest stops. Colored with its integrated whiteboard and markers can offer the fun and pleasure that requires the children from distracting their tedious moments by encouraging interesting playing event between children and parents. The whiteboard remains concealed behind a sliding door, providing safety for the board from scratches and bumps. It f...
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Grace E-Motorbike : The World’s First Street Legal Motorbike

A German based company named GRACE has created the world’s first e-motorbike which may however seem a futuristic version of a usual bike, but in fact, this e-motorbike can be run on today’s street. GRACE has handmade this bike using parts from formula one and euro-fighter planes which will be launched for test purpose shortly. The handlebar contains all the controls of the bike such as light, alarm system, battery management and other necessary stuffs which have made it easier to ride than a...
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Futuristic Mint Sputnik Projector for In-House’s Digital Life

The Mint Sputnik is a sphere shaped concept projector with four outer antennas that has been designed to ensure enhanced in-house digital lifestyle. The rotatable projector lamp is located at the center of the Mint Sputnik and two stereo speakers including covers are placed one each side. A remote controller, named Space Center, gives the convenience of controlling the projector from distance and the covers of the speakers open automatically when it detects a sound input. Since the projector ...
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Luxurious and Comfortable Moon Sun Lounger

The ironically designed moon sun lounger has been designed in a shape of the moon with great functionality to provide most comforting sunbath. The most advantageous point of this transparent and easily manufactured lounger is it can tan the body from back side as well by reflecting sunbeams through its water filled bottom part. At the same time, the air around the body remains cool through the vaporized water over time, giving a soothing feeling to the user. The shape of bottom and weight of wat...
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