Blitzen Rooftop Beverage Chiller Uses Cold Weather to Chill Your Drink

Use nature to chill your drink with the help from Blitzen. Blitzen is a rooftop beverage chiller that allows for natural cooling (as long as it’s cold outside) to prevent you coming to a holiday party with a warm of bottle of booze. The flexible mechanism allows you to carry from Veuve to a growler full of IPA, it works on almost any car (yeah, except non-magnetic Tesla), your bottle of beverage can benefit natural cooling.

Blitzen Rooftop Beverage Chiller

Blitzen from Deeplocal was born when a Deeplocal engineer bought a bottle of Prosecco (the liquor store only had warm Prosecco), driving home, there’s no time for conventional refrigerator chilling. The day was cold, so he engineered a solution to take advantage cold weather to chill his Prosecco. Simply strap your bottle into Blitzen and attach it to the roof your car, let the cold weather chill it while you drive to your destination. This accessory consists of 100 pound magnets and aluminum rails, it’s been tested under controlled conditions with extensive safety measures, so please don’t just randomly strap a bottle to car’s roof to cool it.

Blitzen Rooftop Beverage Chiller

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