Luxury Hoesch Sensamare Bathroom Design

Tired of using that same bathroom everyday? Try out this unique and new line of showers and bathtubs known as the “Sensamare” designed by Professor Gunther Horntrich. This diverse and Italian bathroom design can definitely give you a luxurious feeling. The original Hoesch Everclean Glass has the capacity of reducing the number of limestone and water deposits for an almost waterproof glass. This marvelous design includes reclining shower benches which are very durable and comfortable. The transparent glasses are used to give a modern and open appearance to the bathroom. This can be one of your choices to give an exciting look to your bathroom.

hoesch sensamare shower

hoesch sensamare shower

hoesch sensamare shower

Designer : Gunther Horntrich via HomeDesignFind

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dharmesh says: February 27, 2009

execellent concept if u do have time we can discuss some more concept more modern with utility. i am from india. . .

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