Hussar Dakar Rally Vehicle Has Been Envisioned to Dominate the Track

The Hussar Dakar, a swift and agile concept rally vehicle, has been designed like a Winged Cavalry that applies similar principles of adaptability, self-sufficiency and mobility of an aggressive creature. The wings feature advanced winged energy restoration system that creates constant kinetic energy and strategically distributes the energy to different elements of the vehicle when running. Moreover, the system contributes incredible air breaking power to the vehicle when all wings are turned in and upright. This unique shape of the car can surely affect psychologically to the opponents with the raw and vicious clatter of the rear mounted wings on the race track.





Designer : Klaud Wasiak

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kcus uoy says: December 17, 2009

what the hell is that crap coming out of the back?


Georgi says: December 18, 2009

I'll say very good jet fighter inspired design and I suppose that crap coming out of the back is to stabilize the vehicle during a sandstorm…..probably what does everyone else think????

kcus uoy says: December 18, 2009

i think the "stabilizers" were inspired by Gundam lol.

something like this? no?

but a purpose wise, i doubt they do anything since the area is pretty small to serve as stabilizers for rather massive car. over all tho its a neat design, and nice photoshop skills.

tyler says: April 8, 2010

If you read the description right, you would understand that the "crap" coming from the back creates energy for the vehicle by constantly moving and creating Kenetic energy.

This is a very good design and concept.

standard says: April 23, 2011

"Standard Transformers is a private limited company engaged in manufacture, testing of Transformers & Rectifiers Stabilizers in the voltage class of 11 KV to 132 KV and rating from 10KVA to 40 MVA. "


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