HTC Gemstone by Sylvain Gerber

This is an attempt to design a new cell phone for HTC that is known as one of cool mobile phone manufacturers at this moment. Sylvain Gerber, the designer, offers an innovative and original design with the same creative spirit in HTC Gemstone. He uses some of the design codes of the HTC diamond 1 and 2 but plays more on the bright lights of precious stones with these metal shells that reflect the splendor of the gem. This phone features android system and a AMOLED screen. There’s animated graphic engraved at the back of the cover to remind you the geometric shapes of gemstones. Sylvain said he tried to combine technology and luxury into this cell phone design.

Designer : Sylvain Gerber

HTC Gemstone Cell Phone

HTC Gemstone Cell Phone

HTC Gemstone Cell Phone

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Sidney Johnson says: September 30, 2010

looks like that one phone….ummmmm……the Evo!!Thats the one!so I think that idea is already taken

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