Espresso On Four Legs Is A Breakthrough For Conventional Coffee Makers

An espresso machine that sits on a tabletop and pours a coffee cup is something we can easily see around. Now, even the espresso machine realized its time to stand up and rejuvenate in the form of Espresso on four legs, an innovative concept espresso machine that can ensure handy use along with extraordinary interior aesthetics. The cylindrical main body is mounted horizontally above the coffee cup with the support of a beautiful white shell, giving a feel of floating the espresso machine over the cup. Each side of the cylinder comprises a door to enter water through one door and coffee capsules through another. Operating the espresso machine is super easy with only two buttons to prepare short or long espresso.

Designer : Dror Goldblum

espresso on legs

espresso on legs

espresso on legs

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Denise says: October 22, 2012

I want a coffee machine that is black in the color variant. Red can also be considered. White is just too tacky for my taste.

    Jarita says: February 26, 2016

    Yes, You are right Denise, I agree with you. You can buy this Brunopasso espresso machine. It ‘s looks to moderate and stunning. Color is Black also.

Tara Summers says: May 6, 2013

The iridescent white color reminds me of toilet bowls. When it comes to coffee preparation, I’d choose mine to have a mixture of matte black and steel at any given day.

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