Elephant Nose : Artificial Nose Technology Concept Detects GMO Foods by Kim Junhyun

Genetically Modified (GM) foods could be the new way to help to feed the world, however not many agree to that idea. If you are very sensitive with what you eat, Elephant Nose can provide you with detail information of everything you’re about to eat. It’s an electronic device that utilizes artificial nose technology to sense the freshness of food and its GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) elements.

There’s still a debate whether GMO can solve world hunger problems or can bring new problems due to its genetic modification. We are concern about this as well, that’s why it would be great if Elephant Nose was commercially available. This sensor technology has been designed to identify the state of foods such as, its freshness, its natural or GMO level, and so on. The artificial nose technology senses and displays all information you need to know on the LCD panel. Due to its size, it would be easier for you to carry anywhere, such as grocery stories or market, test everything before you buy.

Designer : Kim Junhyun

Elephant Nose by Kim Junhyun

Elephant Nose by Kim Junhyun

Elephant Nose by Kim Junhyun

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PennyN says: September 23, 2012

What a great concept! How does it pick up the info tho? As GMO food will be cheaper (organic & non GMO food will be kept for the elite and those who can afford it I am sure as the Australian Parliment restaurants are not allowed to provide GMO food for our politicians to eat *rolls eyes*) I am hoping that it will be sold cheaply so those who care can actually afford it…

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