Drumi Pedal Powered Washing Machine by Yirego

YiREGO Drumi Washing Machine is a compact foot powered appliance to wash your personal delicates. This project challenges public laundry experience while solving common complications that we have to deal when hand-wash delicate garments. This unit has the potential to be made out of 40% recycled material, providing you a sustainable solution with low environmental impact, saving you money, energy, and time. The company claims that this appliance is more hygience than public Laundromats and at the same time works a fraction of the time.

Many urbanites prefer to buy new undergarments instead of going to a public laundry facility due to the convenience. This washing machine aims not only to save you more money but also stop you from postponing laundry days, use the rugged pedal to spin and clean your laundry. Due to its compact size, you can easily carry this machine wherever you go such as camp sites that rarely offer laundry facilities and electricity, it’s perfect for your trip where you want to avoid hand washing since vacation time is precious why would spend some of them with washing activities.

Designer : Yirego

Yirego Drumi Washing Machine

Yirego Drumi Washing Machine

Yirego Drumi Washing Machine

Yirego Drumi Washing Machine

Yirego Drumi Washing Machine

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Connie Herrera says: May 24, 2016

Whats the price on the foot washing machine

Richard Endacott says: December 10, 2016

Do you have an outlet in Thailand ?

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