Digit MP3 Player Concept with Wireless Stereo HeadSet

As they say, if the music be a way of life then; play on! The new MP3 concept by the Lisbon based Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira is simply mind blowing in the true sense. This user friendly music device signifies complete freedom from wires. Yup it’s just you and the device. The overall design is simply amazing with soft surfaces and the sleek and extra slim look complete with a pair of wireless headsets. And one can say that it’s in true sense freedom, as you have a humongous 20 GB memory to go by, which means that one never runs out of music literally!

digit mp3 player concept

digit mp3 player concept

digit mp3 player concept

digit mp3 player concept

digit mp3 player concept

digit mp3 player concept

Designer : Nuno Teixeira

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xinxian says: December 9, 2008

where when and can we buy it ? It is very nice.

    Ronnie torres says: July 13, 2016

    Same im waiting the mp3 to come out

Roman says: December 9, 2008

Always wanted wireless head phones

Keron Calame says: December 10, 2008

It looks really great trust me

jamie says: December 12, 2008

when will these be able to buy…..i will definitly buy one. please let me know, if anyone knows id appericate it,

KIM GRACE says: January 7, 2009

its a nice mp3..

hope you will release that as early as you can


IntoTheForge says: February 8, 2009

The only real plus I see to this player is the small wireless headphones, which are very cool. Buttons are a thing of the past with the rise of touchscreen, and the bulge in the center of the buttons screams useless bulk. It looks like a fat guy.

Still, the wireless headphones sell the product all too well.

ER says: March 29, 2009

I disagree. The bulge adds to the design.

ehsan says: July 16, 2009

its very nice really.how much is it?

wa7ie says: July 21, 2009

If i want this how I take it ???

and is there any kind Like 4GB 8GB 16GB ??

    Cupcake says: February 9, 2011

    20 gbs I LOVE IT

    amarnath says: November 6, 2012

    tell me

Jake says: November 1, 2009

I'd love to buy it really…but when, where, and how much will this thing cost when it comes out?????????????????and WEHN does it come out

Georgi says: December 19, 2009

With the newest tech coming out I really don't think that devices like this one will see the world unless it becomes one of those things you'll have to order specially made for you witch is very nice everyone will have their own personal items-cars,cell phones,pc and so on…

mike florence says: January 11, 2010

waz wonderin where or when i can get one of these!

AJINJOEL says: January 17, 2010

what is the cost of this product?

AJINJOEL says: January 17, 2010

when on earth can i buy this ??????????????

veronica says: March 28, 2010

seriously this looks amazing with the bulging buttons and wireless headset

but it probably doesn't have a chance against those horrid touchscreens everyone wants

    Sarah says: February 9, 2011

    i agree

Inah says: May 14, 2010

where can i buy this? how much? pls reply asap

khaleel says: February 2, 2011

hi i need india price and need more details about product…….

please send to my mail

CUpcake says: February 9, 2011

I <3 this idea and i love music so it would be amazing if i had one of these but HOWWW do i get 1??

sarah says: December 25, 2011

do anyone know who's gonna answer all the quest??? i really want 2 buy it..

maria says: October 25, 2012

someone send this to apple

shaikh ahsan says: December 13, 2012

how can i buy….?

Shreeraj says: June 22, 2013

i guess its still a concept..

TheDrIncredible says: June 26, 2013

I need this

jemma says: January 17, 2014

how do i get this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie torres says: July 13, 2016

When are they coming out for sale

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