Cobalto and Zafiro : Futuristic Devices That Are Inspired by Sci-Fi Movies

Cobalto and Zafiro are two futuristic concept devices that have been designed by getting inspired from Sci-Fi movies like “Minority Report”. Cobalto, the glass screen of this mobile phone concept has been envisioned to be able to produce 3D objects in the air which is really exciting. The device features deformable metal which will allow the user to function either on traditional number button...
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E-Ball PC Concept by Apostol Tnokovski

The E-Ball is a sphere shaped computer concept which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops have ever made. This PC concept features all the traditional elements like mouse, keyboard, large screen display, DVD recorder, etc, all in an innovative manner. E-Ball is designed to be placed on two stands, opens by simultaneously pressing and holding the two buttons located on each sid...
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Slider Ultra Mobile Computer Concept

Slider is an innovative ultra mobile computer concept that can handle all the requirements of a user all through the day. The concept features a full functional 9” touchscreen display and a full QWERTY keyboard which can be revealed through flipping the screen. VOIP video chatting and flawless mobile video streaming can be achieved through its 1GB RAM and 1.5GHz processor, while the keyboard all...
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Tribons Is A Vision of Future Computer System Technology by FrogDesign

Tribons concept is a vision of future technology to be influence and shape ideas of community and tribalism, self-awareness and education, trust and global citizenship. The idea of Tribons concept is based on a lightweight and powerful computer system that connects kids with their friends and family, thus providing emotional support to those who are living anonymously in different cities because o...
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PC Tower “Level 10″ Concept as Hardcore Gaming Computer

BMW Group Designworks USA introduces the PC tower architecture concept by their latest gaming computer. The PC tower concept “Level 10” is a combination of functionalizing and philosophizing beyond the eye-catching factor just like most of the other Designworks project. The design team was inspired for this approach from the computer industry and has made this machine with futuristic game comp...
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Armarac : First Zero-Footprint and Compact Enclosure for Computer

Now your networking equipments are absolutely safe and secure in this complete wall mounted server room. Armarac is the world's first zero-footprint and compact enclosure for computer and its networking equipments. There is an optional keyboard/LCD/mouse built inside this lockable compartment. Armarac includes an advanced design that resists fire, earthquake or any other hazardous damage and it is...
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“Mo” : Redefined Notebook PC

If you are very particular about the design of your book, then this product is surely for you. "Mo" is the redefined notebook PC designed for customizing each and every cover to fit the style of the owner. You just need to touch the screen in order to read or make any kind of changes in your book. This product allows for adaptation to users specific needs and interests as well as offering a conven...
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“O” Personal Computer Project is Trying to Reduce The Amount of CO2

Do you know the amount of CO2 that your computer generates during its production? Check out this new and unique "O Project" for sustainable computers, designed by Luis Luna. This project is encouraged by the oxygen and the whole cycle of photosynthesis. It decreases a tiny amount of CO2 generated by your computer and can be used lifelong until they become completely waste. This stylish CPU is desi...
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B-Membrane PC Concept with Projector as Its Monitor

By looking at this new design no one even in their second thought would even make a wild guess that this device is related to computers. The name B- Membrane identifies an innovative design and idea. Designed by Korean Won-Seok Lee this has a concept of hybrid laptop or desktop. Its unique design eradicates the need of a monitor and is replaced by projector that is adjustable to develop into a cap...
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Napkin PC Concept by Avery Holleman Has Won Microsoft Next-Gen PC Design Competition

Avery Holleman has developed a PC design that can turn out to be a very useful tool on your conference tables. Named as Napkin PC, the design resembles a Napkin holder, which combines multiple touch screen devices within a collaborative network. The digital pens which are a part of the device allow the users to draw on the touch screens what you would do with a pen on a napkin. As per the designer...
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EyeMove PC Concept with Multi-Function Wireless Controller

The EyeMove PC is probably a great news for computer geeks. EyeMove PC is a new approach to home entertainment and computer user interfaces. This PC concept has small oval-shaped with built in projection lens controlled by a multi-function wireless controller. Place it vertical on a wall, horizontal on a stand, on your desk and project your programs, movies, games anywhere you like. With the wirel...
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Jive, Communication Device for The Elderly

Jive is a communication device especially designed to get elderly technophobes connected to their friends and family. How it work, Jive uses friend passes to link a physical persons ID with digital life. A user simply links a friend pass to there friend feed account. This will then seamlessly update all of this data onto betty. If the users want to find out more specific details about a person, th...
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Physically Interacting with Slice Futuristic PC Concept

Slice PC Concept is trying to answer the need of efficient and visually files storage on your computer. This PC Concept is trying to help you with the trouble of finding the files that are buried deep within folders, and you are no longer know how to indicate and locate the files when you need it. Slice PC Concept helps you physically interacting with the information, users can organize and place ...
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EVO PC Concept, a Sustainable Personal Computing Service

The motto today is Go Green! So what abut computers? Say hello to the EVO PC. The concept of EVO PC is made of a sustainable personal computing service. The basic function model that EVO PC works on is that EVO Server gets connects to the base terminal or EVO client through the a broadband internet connection.. At the remote server the actual computing process takes place, with the receiving of ...
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TRVL Portable PC Concept for Travelers

So packed your bags to go for that holiday? Did you take your passport or maps for the destination or tickets or Camera and your camcorder? Make sure you do have extra help nearby at your vacation. Not any more! Welcome to the portable PC or TRVL. TRVL PC Concept is a perfect companion for all you frequent travelers who needs to be in touch. This multi-purpose gadget performs multiple functions su...
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