Ori-Kit: Origami Kitchen Set Can Replace Your Bulky Kitchen Tools

Ori-Kit aims to replace your kitchen utensils with a simple origami like kit. It’s super light, super portable, you can take it anywhere with you, both indoors or outdoors. Everyone can use it, even kids, this tool basically simplifies your kitchen...
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Fogo Montanha Natura Wood Stove Features Cork Cover to Its Structure

Fogo Montanha Natura Wood Stove has been designed with the idea to provide you a natural touch to an industrial product. It uses cork as the main covering material, this idea arose from the idea of providing user the experience of touching the stove,...
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Squared Dryer Concept Features A Translucent Case to Keep the Cord Organized

Invented Alexandre F. Golefoy in 19th centry, Hair Dryer has become one of bathroom essentials to dry our hair. Most often than not, we leave hair dryer inside the drawer while the cord is left unorganized. Jiyoun Kim teamed up with Junyoung Jang to ...
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Vornado 5303DC Energy Smart Air Circulator Keeps The Air In a Room Moving Around

Vornado 5303DC Energy Smart Air Circulator is a small yet very powerful circulator, this model is Vornado’s debut circulator in Energy Smart family. Compared to earlier models, this fan still features similar design, compact and sleek style but wit...
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Panthera Wood Stove Features Bulky and Curvy Body

Godin Panthera Wood Stove features bulky body design with curves and taut shape that give this stove a unique character. Elegantly displayed in deep black and raised by chrome part, the fluidity of the lines can be achieved by the profiled aeration o...
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Cobra Wood Stove by Jerome Olivet

Cobra Wood Stove, just like its name suggests, this stove features beautiful curve of a cobra, it’s dynamic and aerial. Due to the design, the bottom area can be used to carry few logs. This concept stove creates a silhouette of an animal that stan...
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Stagg EKG : Electric Pour-Over Kettle for Coffee Lovers

Stagg EKG is the first minimalist electric kettle of its kind that doesn't look like a dang spaceship control center with a million buttons. It is an electric pour-over kettle with variable temperature control and a stunning, minimalist design. The c...
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Humankind Redesigns Razor to Make Shaving Easier and More Effortlessly

Humankinds redesigns Razor, bringing you modern and stand up razor. This new design keeps the blades away from water and bacteria, keeping them sharper longer. It is soft and ergonomic, designed to fit your hand just the way you hold a pencil, making...
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NOOK Bed Can Become The Center of Your Activities

NOOk is a unique bed structure that provides you with multifunctional robust bedframe in which can be accessorized with multiple furniture elements. It means that in a studio apartment, this one bed structure can offer many functions just install add...
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Asteroide Wood Stove Features Satin Black Finish and Chromed Handle

Designed for GODIN, Asteroide Wood Stove looks like a rocket in your living room, ready to take off to discover great space. This wood stove features fluid and dynamic shapes with the main body suspended in the air. You can keep logs under the foot, ...
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Beast Grooming : Modern Men’s Facial Grooming Set for Alpha Male Market

Beast grooming is a futuristic men’s facial grooming set designed to appeal to the alpha male market. We incorporated modern minimal aesthetics while maintaining the feel of traditional tools from the days of old school shaving. Sharp angles mixed ...
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RS Barcelona RS3 Wood Inox Foosball Table To Complete Your Man Cave

RS Barcelona RS3 Wood Inox Foosball Table is a nice addition to your man cave. Even when you don’t have a man cave, having this table would still make you one of popular houses on the block. This is a modern and fun foosball table that features ind...
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Craftsman 18-Ounce Flex Claw Hammer Features An Adjustable Pry Bar

Pull out an old nail easy with Craftsman 18-Ounce Flex Claw Hammer, or whenever you need to hang a picture frame, this hammer would help you out. This hammer has been designed to deliver versatility and power at the palm of your hand. Featuring combo...
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Boil-up : Effortless and Healthy Way of Boiling

Submitted by Ozge Celebi, Boil-Up is a special appliance designed for boiling. You can read Celebi's explanation below: Boiling is one of the healthy ways of cooking that protects food’s nutritive values. Boiling improves quality, taste and color ...
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Fruit Bowl Container – It’s Practical and Sustainable

Fruit Bowl was designed for groceries and markets with thinking minimum use of material and natural resources. It offers to users maximum functionality with minimum efforts and minimum amount of waste. It is specialized to crusted fruits like apricot...
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