Dune Flatware Set by Andrea Ponti

Andrea Ponti, an Italian designer, has designed an aluminum flatware set called Dune. It’s a concept project inspired by the concept of food design meant as experimental cuisine and molecular gastronomy where a culinary research lab seeks to explore the technical, artistic, and social aspects of cooking. Every single element is essential when it comes to multi-sensory conception of food, from co...
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Futuristic Clean Clear Faucet Concept With Digital Microscope and Project Technology

Even though bacteria coexist with human being, unfortunately, they also cause the death of more than 500 millions people each year. There’s got to be a better way to fight germs, bacteria, and virus infection. Clean Clear is a concept faucet designed in an attempt to fight those germs by washing our hands often. This cool faucet integrates digital microscope and project technology where user can...
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LG SMARTTHINQ HUB Connects All Your Smart Appliances to Create Two Way Communication

LG takes your smart home to the next level with SmartThinQ Hub, it connects all your smart appliances so that you can easily communicate with them. This hub is the newest addition to LG IoT ecosystem, it works as a gateway to smart sensors and connected appliances, it also has ability to display reminders from personal calendars and stream music from its built-in speaker. SmartThinQ also features ...
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TABLE SET: Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper Containers Stacked Up Together

This table set offers complete essentials for your meal. This trio features unique ceramic containers, stacked up together to enhance your dining table decor. Designed by Peleg with Shahar Nissim, HIT, the stack of olive oil, salt, and pepper would bring smile to anyone’s face, seriously, it looks pretty cool. Designer : Peleg with Shahar Nissim, HIT (more…)...
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Cascaqua 3D Printed Home Aquaponics System by Avoq

Download Cascaqua and create your own home aquaponics system, this is a cool 3D printed mini-aquaponics system for small living space to promote sustainable technology and healthy living. It features a closed loop ecologically balanced system by combining cultivation of plants without soil and cultivation of fish (hydroponics and aquaculture). This ecological system works together where plants car...
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Skypak La Barrique Trolley Features Old Oak Barrel Covering

Skypak La Barrique Edition is a special designed trolley made with old wine barrel. An old oak barrel protects wine so that it could take its time to mellow for several years. After this barrel has done its job, it can also be a perfect object for another assignment, which is a nice covering for modern wine trolleys or coolers. These barrels are robust and due to their rolling system, they are pre...
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Conique Concept Toaster Looks Like An Alien Weapon

Fraser Leid has submitted his latest concept design proposal for Alessi. Conique is a unique toaster design, resulting from Fraser’s attempt to re-envisage a common household appliance into something with futuristic form. Fraser felt that toasters nowadays share similar characteristics, not much has changed since it was first introduced. After researching into different aspects of how toasters w...
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Funnel Safe Roof-Cleaning Tool to Reach The Ceiling or Higher Location

Cleaning the floor is easy, but cleaning the ceiling or high corner can be difficult. Weisi Li has made an attempt to design a safe roof-cleaning tool that can prevent dirt falling from the top and might get into your eyes, Funnel. This tool employs gravitational and inertial mass between rest and use, you can put it upright just like that when you don’t need it. When it’s time to clean any di...
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LEVIS Faucet Concept Is Inspired by Organic Shapes of Leaves and Grass Blades

LEVIS faucet was born out of University project in cooperation with Grohe and Odörfer. This futuristic concept faucet offers a new way to wash your hands. It features an integrated touch surface and can be controlled by intuitive hand gestures while visual feedback is displayed through subtle LED backlights. Inspired by nature, the shape of this faucet is heavily influenced by the organic shap...
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August Doorbell Cam : Smart Door Bell for Smart Home

As part of August Smart Home Access System, this company also releases August Doorbell Cam that also works together with free August app to make your life easier and more secure. Just like its name suggests, it’s a combination of a door bell and camera where you can always tell who’s at the front door, even when you’re not home, you can speak and see visitors through your smartphone. Even...
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XTEND Portable Bathtub With Carbon Fiber Frame

Do you know that there’s a great effect when bathing in a bathtub? It makes you feel relax after a long day at work. Unfortunately, you might not be able to enjoy as often as you want when you travel a lot. XTEND brings you hope, it redefines the standard concept of a bathtub. Made of high quality materials with innovative manufacturing process, this project combines design, functionality, and c...
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Droponic Features Hydroponic Technology to Grow Your Plants

Droponic allows you to plant your own greens regardless the space available in your home, apartment, or condo. You can grow fresh greens smart way and effortless, thanks to its compact size, you can place the pot in the kitchen countertop, by the window, balcony, or on the dining table. It features hydroponic technology, a method of growing plants in water without soil. The roots are suspended in ...
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Darwin Tank : Specially Designed Aquarium for Jellyfish by The Darwin Sect

Jellyfish are always fascinating, Darwin Tank tries to capture that magic in a specially designed aquarium. Jellyfish are poor swimmers, therefore, you need special aquarium with special filter that doesn’t harm the jellyfish. Darwin Tank allows you to sit back and enjoy fluid, hypnotic movements of jellyfish where shadows cast on the walls and ceiling, creating magical atmosphere in any room. T...
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Grow Your Own Marijuana with Leaf Plug N’ Play Cannabis Growing System

The legal status of pot is evolving rapidly, cannabis is legalized in more and more places. You can buy marijuana from retail stores, but you can also choose to grow your own plants, now it becomes easier thanks to Leaf. It’s a first ever Plug N’ Plant cannabis growing system where you can grow quality cannabis at the comfort of your home, it’s fun and pretty interactive. Aside from being co...
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SafeHome : Modern Domestic Fire Extinguisher by Moises Hansen

Unlike United States or many European countries, Brazil still doesn’t have fire extinguisher designed specifically for domestic use. SafeHome is a concept domestic safety equipment for fighting fire ignition, designed to be easy to use by anyone. This unit consists of a compact fire extinguisher and a holder so that you can attach it onto the wall or other surfaces. The main goal of this proj...
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