Green Eudemon Is a Conceptual Forest Monitoring System to Prevent Forest Fires

Every year there are more than 50,000 forest fires occurring all over the world, this is a serious problem since forest is an essential habitat for wildlife, produces oxygen that we breathe, controls pollution, and prevents erosion. Green Eudemon has been designed to monitor the forest, each unit can cover a large area to protect the forest in the event of fire. Conventional satellite monitoring, ...
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FastFocus Vital Signs Monitor by Bluelarix Designworks

This is a new vital signs monitor, based on IR reflection and acceleration measurements. Patients will wear the product 24 hours a day in hospital wards. The product can be worn behind the ear and detects the patients posture, activity and heartbeat rhythm, creating a total picture of the patient’s activities and intensity of movements during day and night. The product is measuring every numb...
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Philips Power Potion 3000 – Elegantly Designed Power Bank

All power banks should look as elegant as Philips Power Potion 3000. Designed by Catherine Wong, this project aims to create a unique power bank solution to solve our everyday battery problem of our mobile devices. Housing 3,000 mAh battery, Power Potion 3000 features cylinder shaped cover with soft touch finishing. It comes with a crafted aluminum ring that matches the color of your iPhone, the i...
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MAQE Soundjump Speaker Features Replaceable Battery for Quick Swap

MAQE Soundjump is a premium speaker from the Hong Kong based design team, MAQE. This is their first Bluetooth wireless audio device that aims to end the cycle of replacing your premium speaker every few years. Soundjump offers you portable audio with premium sound quality paired with long lasting power. The magnetic, replaceable Jumpsix battery allows for quick swap, something that you don’t fin...
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Zeiss ExoLens Allows You Take Professional-Level Photos with Your iPhone

Nowadays, more people use their smartphone to take photos instead of real camera, especially with iPhone. Zeiss Exolens has been designed especially for iPhone to help you capture professional-level photos and videos. They want to push further the quality of mobile photography, this lens would delver clear, crisp visuals thanks to meticulously engineered lenses made from highest-grade materials. Y...
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Porsche Design 911 Soundbar Is Made with Original Silencer and Twin Exhaust of Porsche 911 GT3

Are you a Porsche lover? You probably would love having 911 Soundbar even though it might not fit with your current modern home décor. Porsche Design has designed and developed 911 Soundbar that features 2.1 virtual surround system subwoofer boost converted from original rear silencer and twin exhaust of Porsche 911 GT3. This 200-watt system performance offers DTS TruSurround sound with Bluetooth...
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Bevel Electric Trimmer Features Faceted Body for Better Grip

Electric trimmer design doesn’t get updated often, it stays just like that for decades. This time, Bevel aims to revolutionize this device by releasing a smooth, ergonomic designed electric trimmer. The cordless design allows you to enjoy the freedom of movement, you don’t have to sacrifice power and precision. Bevel Trimmer offers the same cutting power with or without the cord, you’ll love...
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Prizm Smart Music Player Plays Your Music Based on Your Taste or Current Mood

Awarded by CES Innovation Award, Prizm is your new smart music player to complete your Smart Home. It’s a new kind of device that you can plug to any speakers, it identifies who is in the room and what kind of their music preferences are and their current mood to play the perfect music. Prizm aims to reinvent the way we listen to music at home, simply press the Play button. Music would start ...
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Smart Remote to Control Everything In Your Smart Home

Smart Remote from Sevenhugs wants to remove smartphone from your hand when you are home. Designed and developed by a French startup, this remote utilizes indoor localization technology and features a dynamic adaptation of display and control. It’s a universal, family-friendly device where you can interact with any smart device in your home, simply by pointing and clicking. The open SDK makes ite...
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LG SMARTTHINQ HUB Connects All Your Smart Appliances to Create Two Way Communication

LG takes your smart home to the next level with SmartThinQ Hub, it connects all your smart appliances so that you can easily communicate with them. This hub is the newest addition to LG IoT ecosystem, it works as a gateway to smart sensors and connected appliances, it also has ability to display reminders from personal calendars and stream music from its built-in speaker. SmartThinQ also features ...
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Neonode AirBar Sensor Transforms Conventional Display Into Touch Interactive Device

Touch screen PCs or Laptops are still pretty expensive, but you can transform your existing PC screens to respond to touch and gesture using AirBar. AirBar sensor comes with zForce Air technology, providing user new touch functionality on new or existing non-touch PCs with Windows or Chrome OS. Designed as a slim module, user can magnetically attached at the bottom of the display, it won’t block...
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Poco Credit Card Sized Supercomputer by Sinclair Mobile

Few years ago, Ian Sinclair came up with credit card sized multimedia device, unfortunately due to component supply issues, the project was halted. Gran Sinclair, Ian son, presents you with an updated design, Poco, and asks for your help through an Indiegogo campaign to bring this project to the market. Poco is a credit card sized supercomputer, powered by open source and easy to modify Rasberr...
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YoCam : Powerful, Versatile, Smallest Waterproof Camera with Reasonable Price

As smallest waterproof camera on the market, YoCam has claimed that it works better than GoPro. It’s been designed and engineered to be lightweight and ability to replace your other cameras, it’s an all-in-one smart camera to accommodate all your daily needs. YoCam is powerful, versatile, yet affordable camera. Even though it weighs for only 2oz or 55g, it doesn’t sacrifice any functional...
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SoundSoul Mini Amplifier Music Fountain Speakers Would Be A Cool Gift for Music Lover

Are you looking for cool gifts for a gadget lover? Well, SoundSoul Mini Amplifier Music Fountain Speakers should be in your list. It’s a set of cool fountain speakers that features bright, vivid, clear visual musical LED lights. They are 9-inch tall speakers and compatible to any audio device that has 3.5mm audio jack connection. The height of fountain spray is interactive, it’ll increase as t...
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Philips Weightwatchers Activelink 2.0 by Bluelarix

Bluelarix has teamed up with Philips and Weightwatchers to design ActiveLink 2.0 activity monitor, the second generation of a wearable gadget that helps you to get in shape. This device can only be used when you have an account with weight watchers, small but mighty, it’s a great addition to your plan to get you up and be more active. Try to wear this activity monitor for 8 days, you’ll get pr...
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