KORUS Wireless Modular Microphones for Different Kinds of Situations or Instruments

Submitted by Joe Miller, KORUS is a set of wireless, modular microphones that offer its user ultimate versatility and portability. KORUS microphones consist of a number of interchangeable modules, it means you can create special microphones for diffe...
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Futuristic Print “Dual Lens” Instant Camera by Jordan Steranka

As technology evolves, there are still few things that can’t be replaced with digital world, such as photos. Print is a conceptual “dual lens” instant camera with powerful ability to capture and print your photo. Just imagine, 20 years from now...
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Spinbox Cardboard Box Turntable : No Complicated Setup Needed!

Enjoying vinyl records doesn’t have to be expensive, Spinbox Cardboard Box Turntable offers you a simple and affordable way to experience the world of vinyl. No need for complicated setup nor connect to a speaker system, Spinbox is an innovative re...
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Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse Features Logitech Flow to Control Up To 3 Computers

Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse is the latest version from the popular Logitech MX Master. This multi-computer control is designed to power its user to mater their craft, getting more things done and efficiently. This mouse is equipped with Logitech Flow...
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Rhei Liquid Clock Creates Beautiful Illusion Where Time Always Moves

A unique clock where time literally flows. Rhei is an electro mechanical clock that uses liquid display to tell time. Awesomely cool, this clock uses liquid in its pure, unrefined form, then controlled it in a manner that allows it to display tangibl...
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Dji Spark Mini Drone Can Be Controlled with Hand Gestures

Can’t afford super expensive drone? Well, good news, DJI just has released its latest product, Dji Spark Mini Drone. It’s a mini drone yet it features all of DJI’s signature hi-tech technologies, you can seize the moment whenever you feel inspi...
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Physicist’s Perpetual Motion Clock Features Complex Work of Art

Physicist's Perpetual Motion Clock is a unique timepiece that will certainly become a head turning and a conversation starter. It’s a work of art, a clock that expresses horologic with sophisticated mechanical fluidity powered by an epistemic impos...
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SNOOZ White Noise Machine with Real Fan Inside to Make You Fall Asleep Easily

Starting as a kickstarter campaign, Snooz is finally available for everyone. It’s an ultra portable white noise machine with a real fan inside. It’s a perfect little companion for anyone who sleeps from one hotel to another, it turns your bedroom...
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Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer – You Can Add A Video in Your Photo

Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer, capture any moment and print it instantly, anytime, anywhere. This small device transforms your iPhone into an instant camera, you can apply filters, frames, adjust any light, even add text to your photos. Each ZIN...
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MICRO – The World’s Smallest Universal Travel Adapter with Surge Protection

MICRO is a concept project that aims to bring you world's smallest universal travel adapter. It’s different and new, micro offers you a universal travel adapter in very compact form. You can get rid of your bulky universal travel adapter, this cool...
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SMALT Multi-Sensory Device for Better and Fun Dining Experience

Just in case you need help to measure how much salt your food need, well, SMALT can help you with that. Some people need a little interactive in the kitchen or dining room, well, this multi-sensory device would enhance your dining experience. It’s ...
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One Drop Diabetes Management Solution Empowers People with Diabetes to Live Healthy Lives

One Drop is an award winning diabetes management solution that tracks everything you need to know when it comes to diabetes. It tracks blood glucose, medication, food, and your activity, it provides actionable insights from your data every single day...
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Ultra Thin, Minimalist Croz Digital Camera is Housed in Transparent Case

CROZ is a digital camera designed by Hyle Design and produced by Paper Shoot, this project carries the mission to raise pop photography to the next level. This digital camera design combines beauty and function, it is simple and straight, the transpa...
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Origami Pocket Knife with Faceted Handle and Ergonomic Spot for Your Thumb

Origami pocket knife is a $480 knife that features an ergonomic spot for your thumb in the handle. The knife is super sharp, it is machined from 440C stainless steel then heated to 45HRC hardness, the sheath is 316L steel. The handle grip is construc...
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Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Instant Camera Allows You to Edit and Add Cool Filters Photos Before Print

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Instant Camera design has similarity to Instagram icon, not sure if it was intentional or not, but this camera allows you to add cool filters to your photos, add vignettes before you print it. It produces square photos, gi...
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