Mastercard Biometric Card Offers Additional Security for In-Store Purchases

Mastercard has unveiled its revolutionary next generation card, a Biometric card that combines chip technology with fingerprints. This technology would conveniently and safely verify the owner’s identity for in-store purchases. At this moment, Sout...
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Alivecor Kardia Mobile Provides You with Medical Grade EKG in Less Than A Minute

Each year, there more and more people die due to stroke or heart diseases, you need to check your health regularly. Alivecor Kardia Mobile offers an easy way to detect any possible atrial fibrillation to reduce the risk of stroke. It’s a small yet ...
Posted in » Gadgets, Life Science and Medical

Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker Features Bose Connect App for Better Control

Big sound can come from surprisingly small device, Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker might fool you at first sight. This portable speaker features pint-sized body and impressive battery life, it is packed with technology that delivers full-ran...
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Dadamachines Automat Toolkit by Johannes Lohbihler

Here’s a design submission from Johannes Lohbihler, similar to XOXX Composer, Dadamachines transform a physical element into electronic music. You can read his explanation about this project below. I'm working on a project called Dadamachines, the...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Music

Decibel Modular Speaker : Each Component Can Be Easily Upgraded to Experience Latest Technology

Claimed to be best mobile speaker in the world, Decibel Modular Speaker offers a new generation of technology where it is designed to last. Each component of Decibel is upgradeable, it means you can kiss goodbye to the idea of keep buying latest spea...
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Porsche Design Book One : Ultra Light 2-in-1 Laptop

Porsche Design presents you with 2-in-1 computer solution with its latest concept, Book One. The company claims that this device is one of thinnest convertibles/detachable that offers you maximum performance with a breathtaking design. Featuring 360-...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Personal Computers

Priya Home Care Device Takes Care All Your Family Members

Priya is the first home care device that includes different features that up until now had been offered by separate technologies. Priya includes a sensor for air quality analysis, a speaker/microphone to ask for help and an optic sensor with IR filte...
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Bit Bar : Pocket Friendly EDC Screwdriver with Standard 1/4-inch Hex Bits

Pocket friendly screwdriver, Bit Bar features compact design that fits in your jeans pocket. It’s an everyday carry screwdriver made from grade 5 titanium, it is TSA compliant with standard ¼-inch hex bits. Available for free worldwide shipping...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Bullet 02 World’s Smallest EDC Flashlight Was Inspired by Iconic 40 S&W Round

Bullet 02 World's Smallest EDC Flashlight is the second generation from last year version. Now, Bullet features even more minimal design, offering better performance while solving issues from the first model. Inspire by iconic 40 S&W round, this ...
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LG 600W Loudr Speaker System Features Bluetooth, Dancing Light, and Cool Effects

With 600watts of audio system, LG FH6 Loudr Speaker System fills your room with booming and powerful sound. The design allows for both vertical or horizontal placement, giving you flexibility without sacrificing the sound quality. You can feel the ba...
Posted in » Gadgets

Mymanu Clik Wireless Earbuds Translates Up To 37 Languages in Real Time

A truly wireless earphones or earbuds you might say, CLIK from Mymanu tries to revolutionize the way we communicate. These wireless earphones come with voice translation, you can interact with others in different languages without problem, locally or...
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The Monkey : Radio Speaker Features Antenna That Snaps Just Like a Monkey Tail

Swing The Monkey onto any place, the antenna would snap on tubes, handles, or any branches. Inspired by monkey tail, this unique feature works by using snap-on antenna with its spring metal core. When in straight position, The Monkey is a static obje...
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UrbanX Electric E-Bike Wheel Transforms Traditional Bike Into an E-Bike in Seconds

UrbanX Electric E-Bike Wheel transforms any traditional bike into an electric one instantly. All you need to do is replace your front bike wheel, it’ll give you a 30 mile range with a 20mph top speed. This wheel has been designed as a cost effectiv...
Posted in » Bike, Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

ORION Cycling Navigation Concept Is Made of e-Paper by Clement Dauchy

ORION Cycling Navigation is a concept project born out of the cycling routine of Clement Dauchy, the designer. “Every morning I like to bike those few miles to my job and it always makes my day starting the better. Always going by the same eerie o...
Posted in » Accessories, Bike, Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Green

O2 Bluetooth Earphones by Shane Li

Tangled cords and power shortage are a daily wireless earphone annoyance. Integrating power supply with earbuds holder, O2 is a set of concept Bluetooth earphones that not only keep your cords neat, it has a built-in power bank that charges the earph...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

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