Futuristic Gaia Smartwatch for The Year 2020

GAIA Smartwatch is a design submission from Cristian Tomas Moyano, a design student from Argentina. It’s a futuristic watch with multi functions, you can read his explanation below. I’m introducing the GAIA Watch Project. This design project was developed as part of an Advanced Design Course in Córdoba, Argentina, given by the former Mercedes Benz chief designer Lucas Colombo Carbone. As the functions of actual wearable devices are not convincing for both manufacturers and users-consume...
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Nimble Backpack Features Innovative Modular Attachment System

Nimble is a backpack designed for mountaineering brand Alpina, aiming to solve one main problem: How do you carry big objects which don’t fit in your usual backpack? Nimble was born through a process of observation and research in which a problem was detected when carrying large objects in mountain and urban environments. Inspired by tool boards and the way rock climbers organize their items, Nimble features a modular attachment system through the use of straps that makes it easier to...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Radioactive LED Watch by Hitoshi Yamada

Tokyoflash Kisai Radioactive LED Watch features sophisticated and futuristic design, it displays dangerous alert from beneath a vibrant display panel to tell time. The design of this watch features industrial looking display with matching strap that creates striking contrast. The radioactive icon stands out pretty nice with its blinking light. Reading the time shouldn’t be that difficult, you need to read from top to bottom, the hours are displayed in the upper part area while the 5-minute ...
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UVN Shake Watch is a Solar Powered Smartwatch for Young Generation

UVN Shake Watch is a unique e-ink smartwatch with integrated fitness tracker and phone finder. It’s simple yet stylish watch for anyone, you can tell time simply by the shake of your wrist. At first sight, you might think it’s just a conventional timepiece, well, once you get to know this solar powered smart watch, you know that it’s anything but ordinary. It targets younger generation with its minimalist and clean design. Powered by 24 micro solar chips and a lithium ion battery, this ...
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Tory Burch Elegant Metal Hinged Bracelet for Fitbit

Don’t like to be seen wearing Fitbit in public like a geek? Well, Tory Burch has come up with special bracelet design to hide this device. The exclusive collaboration between Fitbit and Tory Burch has resulted in a super-chic accessory that can be used to hide your gadget from plain sight. It transforms Fitbit tracker into beautiful accessory inside this metal hinged bracelet. If you know Tory Burch, then a one time look at this solid brass bracelet is enough to identify the brand, it features...
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ZIIIRO Celeste Gunmetal Colored Watch Hands-On Review

I’m not really a watch person but when Ziiiro sent over Ziiiro Celeste Gunmetal colored watch, I was amazed by its appearance. It is certainly cool looking watch, it delivers what it promises. Even though Ziiiro is a new company, but it stands out among its competitors with its unique, minimalist watch design. If you want to own one of Ziiiro’s watches to complement your existing collection, you need to prepare $170 - $250 to get one. Ok, let start with the review here. Opening the cardbo...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku Wood LCD Watch with Stainless Steel Case

The stylish, elegant, easy to read Kaidoku watch gets a new look, say hello to Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku Wood LCD Watch. It’s a limited edition wood watch that works the same way as the stainless steel version, it display time in words instead of numbers, creating artistic display on the LCD screen. The stainless steel case is intact, but the custom made wooden strap gives this watch a nice, warm appearance. The word Kaidoku means “decode” in Japanese, well, it seems that the watch doesn...
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ION LED Watch by Samuel Jerichow

ION LED Watch features unique grid at the surface to create futuristic looking watch that displays alien code a.k.a the time. To read the time, you need to find the clockwise end of the circle segments, because they represent the number’s position just like in an analog watch display. The inner, small circle represents hour, middle circle represents 10-minute increments, and the outer circle displays the remaining single minutes, just like 12-5-9 watch. The other side of the circle segments is...
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Switch Watch with Crank to Display The Time

If you’ve forgotten Kuranku Watch, then this Switch Watch might remind you again. It is designed by the same designer, well actually Switch watch has been designed based on comments and critics from many people on the fragility of the crank. For this redesigned watch, Patrick decided to make the handle much more muscular. Time is displayed normally in digits, but you need to push the handle up to activate the LEDs. Do you think this cool design is worth the impractical practice of swinging the...
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Withings Activite Integrates Activity Tracker and Watch to Monitor Your Activities

Withings releases a smart device that integrates activity tracker and watch: Withings Activite. It looks like just an ordinary watch at first sight, an elegant time piece with haute-couture design, but it is integrated with intuitive technology. This watch aims to delight both fashion and technology community with its beauty and brains. Not only it features minimalist, beautiful watch, it also offers sophisticated activity tracker that monitors user’s steps, calories burned, distance travel...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Sequence LED Watch With A Pattern of Raised Cubes

Reading the time on Tokyoflash Kisai Sequence LED Watch is pretty straight forward in regular mode, the hours are displayed at the top part (upper half of the screen), you can read them from left to right. The minutes are displayed at the bottom part (lower half), you can read them the same way as the hours. However, you can choose to display the time in cryptic mode so that you are the only person who can read the time, because you know the secret. It is constructed with custom made curved acry...
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Exoskeleton Watch Was Inspired by Armors and Skeletons Characteristics

A very cool watch design, Peter Fletcher has done it again with his latest concept: Exoskeleton watch. From the name itself, you might know it was inspired by armors and skeletons characteristics, it features plate like armor design for the main body. The gaps between these plates are used to display LED lights that tell the time. The time here is displayed either in digital or 12/5/9 format using stripes of LEDs, it makes the watch looks like coming out of a sci-fi movie. Visually interestin...
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Grovemade Modern Wood Watches Made From Domestic Hardwoods

Grovemade wood watches offers beautiful handcrafted watches made from domestic hardwoods. It offers a cutting-edge take on traditional timepiece. These watches were born in collaboration with Stefan Andren, you get to observe time in more natural essence with modern touch, the circular hands move behind iconic wooden face. The stainless steel casing is completed with vegetable-tanned leather or silicone strap. This project has been staying on the drawing board for so long, and finally the com...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Rogue Touch Silicone LCD Watch Features Dual Time Zones

Don’t like stainless steel watch? You might be interested in Tokyoflash Kisai Rogue Touch Silicone LCD Watch. It’s the same watch as the old TokyoFlash Kisai Rogue Touch, but this time, it comes with silicone strap. We understand if you prefer silicone material, it feels smooth on your skin yet it has high durability. Kisai Rogue offers touch screen technology where the time is displayed in cryptic mode yet very easy to read. The watch face is housed in lightweight silicone case with matc...
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Clos On The Go : A Wine Tote and A Chair in One Product

“Clos On The Go” is a unique wine tote that also functions as a chair. Carry this tote on the beach, you get a stylish mix of fun and functionality from one product, it complements your outdoor experience. It’s a nice, portable, and playful on-the-go wine accessory, we love the bright yellow ikat print, making it cheerful accessory. It comes with a comfortable shoulder strap for easy transport. The design features waterproof pockets to hold a bottle of Chardonnay, a corkscrew, 2 GoVino ...
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