Expandable Garment For Pregnant Women Accommodates Different Stages of Pregnancy

As an expandable garment, this project reminds us of Petit Pli. The difference is, this retractable garment is specially designed for pregnant women to wear throughout their pregnancy. Unlike Petit Pli, only the abdomen area of the garment that’s made to be flexible and adjustable to accommodate different stages of pregnancy.

Retractable Garment Designed For Pregnant Women

We believe that this garment was designed based on idea that clothes should be worn as long as possible while still accommodating growth of pregnant woman’s body. Designed by ShenZhen IU+ Design Co., the fabric stretches over the baby bump while those patterns expand to fit the shape of the stomach, revealing a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Through the use of pattern variations, this retractable garment can meet functional demands of pregnant women throughout the entire process. After the baby is born, the mother can still wear it, reducing unnecessary fashion waste.

Retractable Garment Designed For Pregnant Women

Retractable Garment Designed For Pregnant Women

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