Nokia GEM Phone Concept Transforms Its Entire Body Into a Touchscreen

Nokia has released an innovative and futuristic phone concept called Nokia GEM phone. If you feel the display on the phone isn’t big enough, how bout turning the entire handset into a touchscreen? This is what Nokia GEM phone concept offers you. This futuristic phone was launched as part of the celebration of Nokia Research Center 25th anniversary. You can see that GEM has the ability to change its appearance from camera to phone based on the functionality selected by its user. In fact, this p...
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Ursla and Bertha : A Pair of Beatiful Mobile Device for The Future

Ursla and Bertha is a pair of future mobile device that consist of a pendant and a mobile phone. Ursla, the pendant emits 3D projections into the thin air, simple information that you need to know appear right in front of you for a few seconds, from schedules, notifications to emails, text messages, or phone call histories. Bertha, the future mobile phone works together with Ursla to capture information emitted by this pendant to later be presented to you in detail via the phone’s screen. D...
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LG DoublePlay Mobile Phone Is Perfect for Obsessive Texters

Texting and simultaneous mobile activities are very common among teens. With every company bring forth their newly added texting features every now and then, LG stays exceptional. LG Mobile has come up with LG DoublePlay Mobile Phone, yet another challenging texting feature boasting a split QWERTY keyboard with dual capacitive touch screens. In fact, LG Mobile is challenging the quickest thumbs with its brand-new LG DoublePlay in the 5th annual LG U.S. National Texting Contest. A 1 GHz Qualcomm ...
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Rotatable Twin Touch Display Mobile Phone Gives You Freedom of Holding Your Phone

Finally, there’s a rotatable twin touch display mobile phone design. Using this gadget, you can hold the phone the way you like it, it won’t block your views with your fingers while browsing or gaming. This phone has been designed with two touch screens where one is used for viewing and basic operations of a smartphone such as checking mails, browsing, access mobile apps while the other screen is used for typing or gaming. We think the use of the second screen to display difference key contr...
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Glance Mobile Phone : Read The Time and Status at A Glance

Glance mobile phone design is based on the idea where we utilize our mobile phone to read the time, calendar, emails, text messages, and social network updates. Usually, you have to get your cell phone out of the pocket just to read the time or check incoming mails. Glance objective is to design a cell phone which allows you to do all those activities without the need to take out the phone from your pocket. Designer : Alan Gerardo Farías (more…)...
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Von Mobile Phone : Knock Your Phone to Read Emails and Text Messages

We think Mac Funamizu was inspired by “Knock Knock Joke” when he designed Von mobile phone. The phone has been designed to be sensitive to sound to do some tasks, especially the knocking sound. Want to read unread emails or new phone messages? Just knock your phone and it will knock back with various sounds based on the kind of messages you haven’t read. Von mobile phone design looks like a xylophone, almost as tall as an iPhone but with narrower body. Just like iPhone, this phone respo...
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Futuristic Tron Style Phone Design by Andrew D. Morgan

Tron Style phone is a mobile phone that has been designed in inspiration from the movie TRON legacy. Well, the design goals indicate creative interpretation of a futuristic cellphone. The design integrates LED lighting with sleek dark chrome finishing, creating a gallant futuristic look. It features an audio output, a power connecting port, an LED Ring identifier touch-sensitive area and power level indicator. Designer : Andrew D. Morgan (more…)...
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Revolutionary Paper Computer Would Be Your Future Flexible Smartphones and Tablets

Getting ready to revolutionize the interactive computing world is the latest interactive paper. This small sheet of paper computer lets the user bend it into a mini cell phone by flipping the corner in order to turn pages, or even write on it using a pen. This revolutionary innovative paper computer certainly shows a flexible future for both smartphones and tablets. Paperphone, as it is popularly called is best depicted as a flexible phone, which does everything similar to a smartphone including...
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ASUS Padfone For Both Smartphone and Tablet Users

ASUS is firm supporter behind the concept of creative design thinking. A Padfone is specifically designed to accomplish a demand for both the Smartphone and tablet consumers. This innovative creation allows you to toggle effortlessly between pad and phone and the user can experience those best-fits of actions, at any time. Internet accessibility from the 3G network is established between the phone and pad and the data storage is sleek through a single storage band. The features are that the scre...
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IIDA Infobar Mobile Phone by Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa has stepped once again at the design helm after this release of his first-generation INFOBAR. The new smartphone by Naoto features its signature tile-like keys, a wide array of colors including vermillion NISHIKIGOI and hand-fitting form. The user interface is as you like it. With a high-end personal customization that helps INFOBAR unveil an assortment of expressions, it offers an innovative user interface, which makes operation a real fun. Equipped with Android 2.3, this excepti...
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RevOlve Kinetic Phone Improves The Life Cycle of The Mobile Phone

How many of us use mobile phones effectively? Research shows that quite a number of people replace their cell phones very often resulting in the dumping of millions of mobile phones annually, which becomes an increasing e-waste problem. In order to improve the life cycle of mobile phones, these industrial designers have come up with excellent concept. Their main idea was to design a phone, which was simple, enduring and innate to disassemble for more proficient recycling and disposal. To increas...
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Leica i9 Concept for iPhone4 by Black Design Associates

With the philosophy of “Compliment without Compromise”, Black Design Associates designed Leica i9 Concept Camera for Apple iPhone4. Leica i9 concept provides you the same brilliant Leica’s professional CMOS image sensor and lens except with special body design where you can embed your iPhone4 on it. It’s the only professional camera that features iPhone4 case. The main objective of this design was to create a camera system that inspires photographers to shoot and then share their photos ...
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Aston Martin CPT002 Mobile Phone by Mobiado

For those who missed Mobiado and looking forward for another one, here is the happy news for you. The Canadian company has giant plans for this year, some of them would be fulfilled in partnership with Aston Martin, a renowned British sports cars maker. Mobiado is all set to make Aston Martin opulent phones. Well, no details regarding the phones have been revealed yet, however, they should be accessible starting from May through a broad range of first-rate outlets. Until then, both Mobiado and A...
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Minimalist Zimmer Mobile Phone by Mac Funamizu

For those of you, who are looking for a yet another mobile phone concept, check out the new mobile phone by designer Mac Funamizu, Zimmer. You will be amazed at how slim the phone looks and offers great ease in handling. Dig a little deeper and explore an assortment of intuitive features the phone has. We must not miss out its admirable interface, which makes it easy to operate. Well, it looks like a mini iPad, but its design and technological implementation wins over the other models. Design...
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Aesir Copenhagen In Collaboration With Yves Béhar Has Unveiled Yves Béhar Phone

In a world eclipsed by exceedingly versatile smart phones, many mobile phone design companies are unveiling stunning cell phone models. The collaboration between Yves Béhar, the founder of San-Francisco-based design plus branding firm, and Aesir Copenhagen, Danish mobile phone design company has led to the unveiling of Yves Béhar Phone. This mobile phone centers over the thought of voice, clarity and simplicity and places high emphasis on unmatched user interface while companioning the noti...
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