Aston Martin CPT002 Mobile Phone by Mobiado

For those who missed Mobiado and looking forward for another one, here is the happy news for you. The Canadian company has giant plans for this year, some of them would be fulfilled in partnership with Aston Martin, a renowned British sports cars maker. Mobiado is all set to make Aston Martin opulent phones. Well, no details regarding the phones have been revealed yet, however, they should be accessible starting from May through a broad range of first-rate outlets. Until then, both Mobiado and A...
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Minimalist Zimmer Mobile Phone by Mac Funamizu

For those of you, who are looking for a yet another mobile phone concept, check out the new mobile phone by designer Mac Funamizu, Zimmer. You will be amazed at how slim the phone looks and offers great ease in handling. Dig a little deeper and explore an assortment of intuitive features the phone has. We must not miss out its admirable interface, which makes it easy to operate. Well, it looks like a mini iPad, but its design and technological implementation wins over the other models. Design...
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Aesir Copenhagen In Collaboration With Yves Béhar Has Unveiled Yves Béhar Phone

In a world eclipsed by exceedingly versatile smart phones, many mobile phone design companies are unveiling stunning cell phone models. The collaboration between Yves Béhar, the founder of San-Francisco-based design plus branding firm, and Aesir Copenhagen, Danish mobile phone design company has led to the unveiling of Yves Béhar Phone. This mobile phone centers over the thought of voice, clarity and simplicity and places high emphasis on unmatched user interface while companioning the noti...
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Traccia Pen-Like Mobile Phone by Andrea Ponti

With a majority of cell phone aficionados looking for novel functions in mobile handsets in recent times, the focus of several Smartphone designers has been changing towards utility phones that could meet communication and multimedia needs, via a single device. Well, you would have come across the vaguest of phones; however, you wouldn’t have seen anything as brilliant as the new Traccia mobile phone. Designed by Andrea Ponti, Traccia is a pen-like mobile phone that recognizes hand movement...
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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in White

Thanks to the increasing hardware and emergence of various mobile application stores such as Google’s Android Market, this has led to the increasing popularity of gaming on mobile phones. However, while the graphics appears to be nice on those giant touch screens, they aren’t the best when it comes to controlling the games. Fortunately, Sony Ericsson has heeded to the woes of all gamers and will unveil its new white Xperia Play. For some reason or the other, it appears that a vestal white is...
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LG Optimus 3D Lets You Watch 3D Films Without Bulky Glasses

Have you heard of a mobile phone with an ability to capture and view images in 3D? If not, then here is it - The LG Optimus 3D. Users can now be free from those bulky glasses that are worn especially worn while watching 3D movies at the theater. LG Optimus 3D is considered to be the world's popular mobile phone with a capability of capturing as well as viewing images in 3D. Equipped with 2 camera lenses behind the handset, it works in such a way where the lenses capture two views of your favorit...
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HTC Slim by Sylvain Gerber

Sylvain Gerber, an industrial designer, tried to design a slim smart phone for HTC. The sleek design gives this phone an elegant touch and futuristic look. It’s been designed with magnesium case and back plate in carbon fiber for quality and luxury. The 3 main buttons are big enough for user with big thumb to operate this smart phone. Even though it looks very stylish, this phone has been designed for business users with less multimedia facilities. Designer : Sylvain Gerber (more&hell...
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Sticks In The Air Cellphone Comprises Two Stick Like Phones To Be Used At Once

Few days ago, a competition was organized in my city named “Fastest Finger” which was a game of typing a 500 character SMS at least possible time. Since there was no specified cell phone model for the competition, I am pretty sure I would have wined the game if I were able to use Sticks in the air cell phone concept. This cell phone concept has been designed as two cell phones actually that users can hold in two hands and operate simultaneously, giving an extraordinary appearance and uniq...
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Celcius X VI II LeDIX Origine : A Clamshell Cell Phone With An Integrated Tourbillon Watch

Limited Edition LeDIX Origine is the ultimate expression of contemporary elegance. LeDix Origine combines a pocket watch and mobile phone into a luxurious object that pushes the boundaries of imagination. It is made from polished and brushed grade 5 titanium discreetly enhanced by solid ebony wood inserts. The classic dial features polished and brushed-finish Black Gold and proudly bears the °C of Celsius X VI II. It also has a visual “optical illusion” type surprise in store for observe...
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nVue Mobile Phone by Dragan Trenchevski

nVue is a foldable mobile phone with 2 AMOLED displays. Each of the screens can run independently or work together as a single widescreen display. This mobile phone concept goal is to provide an efficient way for multitasking. It offers a new design possibility related to mobile phone’s size and functionality. Not only as your mobile phone, nVue can also act as your tablet PC, multimedia player, e-reader, and much more in one cool portable gadget. Designer : Dragan Trenchevski (more...
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HDD : A Smartphone With Dual Operating System

HDD mobile phone design was inspired by HTC smartphone. HDD is a smartphone designed with dual operating system, just plug HDD in your computer and follow the software instructions. You can choose between Windows Phone 7 or Android 2.2 as your OS. Similar to HTC Touch Diamond, HDD also features screen rotation. It is equipped with 10 Megapixel camera at the back, front camera for video call, 32GB internal memory, wi-fi, and much more. Designer : NAK Design (more…)...
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HTC Gemstone by Sylvain Gerber

This is an attempt to design a new cell phone for HTC that is known as one of cool mobile phone manufacturers at this moment. Sylvain Gerber, the designer, offers an innovative and original design with the same creative spirit in HTC Gemstone. He uses some of the design codes of the HTC diamond 1 and 2 but plays more on the bright lights of precious stones with these metal shells that reflect the splendor of the gem. This phone features android system and a AMOLED screen. There's animated graphi...
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LG Eagle Phone Contains Duel Touch-Screen Display And A Look Like A Flying Eagle

Who else would like to have a flying eagle like cell phone with ultimate style and functionality? Eugene Kim has designed this great concept phone with duel screen just like that of Nintendo DS, however, those of LG Eagle Phone are superbly touch sensitive. When the phones is flipped out, it looks like an eagle with wide wings spread out open, however, appearance of the phone is equally stylish when it is folded on. These dual multi-touch screens give users unparalel gaming experience while play...
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Light Pool Mobile Phone by Hironao Tsuboi

Light Pool mobile phone was created by Hironao Tsuboi with the intention of service you an object that can act aesthetically upon your sensibility and surroundings. Well I must say, Hironao has done a great job. This futuristic mobile phone has a unique form, composed of a truss-like structure and surfaces. It gives Light Pool a visual aesthetic and rhythm of an expressive variability. The bright, lyrical light that flows from the triangular windows creates a distinctly sublime impression of the...
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Flutter Mobile Phone Blooms Like A Flower To Reveal The Advanced Controls

Hope you still remember Flutter, the Prop Master’s Choice Award winning mobile phone design of 3rd Design of the Future Competition by LG Mobile Phone. Yeah I am talking about the phone that gave you an impression of being able to unfold like a blooming flower. When being folded, the phone features a sleek and unique look with a combination of glossy number pad and matt finished body that provides great comfort to the users when holding. The front surface comprises an analog watch and a logo o...
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