HTC Gemstone by Sylvain Gerber

This is an attempt to design a new cell phone for HTC that is known as one of cool mobile phone manufacturers at this moment. Sylvain Gerber, the designer, offers an innovative and original design with the same creative spirit in HTC Gemstone. He uses some of the design codes of the HTC diamond 1 and 2 but plays more on the bright lights of precious stones with these metal shells that reflect the splendor of the gem. This phone features android system and a AMOLED screen. There's animated graphi...
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LG Eagle Phone Contains Duel Touch-Screen Display And A Look Like A Flying Eagle

Who else would like to have a flying eagle like cell phone with ultimate style and functionality? Eugene Kim has designed this great concept phone with duel screen just like that of Nintendo DS, however, those of LG Eagle Phone are superbly touch sensitive. When the phones is flipped out, it looks like an eagle with wide wings spread out open, however, appearance of the phone is equally stylish when it is folded on. These dual multi-touch screens give users unparalel gaming experience while play...
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Light Pool Mobile Phone by Hironao Tsuboi

Light Pool mobile phone was created by Hironao Tsuboi with the intention of service you an object that can act aesthetically upon your sensibility and surroundings. Well I must say, Hironao has done a great job. This futuristic mobile phone has a unique form, composed of a truss-like structure and surfaces. It gives Light Pool a visual aesthetic and rhythm of an expressive variability. The bright, lyrical light that flows from the triangular windows creates a distinctly sublime impression of the...
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Flutter Mobile Phone Blooms Like A Flower To Reveal The Advanced Controls

Hope you still remember Flutter, the Prop Master’s Choice Award winning mobile phone design of 3rd Design of the Future Competition by LG Mobile Phone. Yeah I am talking about the phone that gave you an impression of being able to unfold like a blooming flower. When being folded, the phone features a sleek and unique look with a combination of glossy number pad and matt finished body that provides great comfort to the users when holding. The front surface comprises an analog watch and a logo o...
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Dial (Phone) Has Found A Brilliant Way In Combining Fashion And Mobility Into An Interesting Concept

Dial (Phone) is a mobile device that can be worn on the wrist, like a bracelet. The concept mixes cutting-edge technology with reference to the products of time gone by. It invokes memories of old-fashioned dial phones. Due to the ongoing development of technology, the mobile phone's design becomes smaller and smaller, so the Dial(Phone) has been designed as a fashion accessory. The circular shape and the name "Dial(Phone)" are derived from the dial phones of times past, mixing these nostalgic f...
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Never Lose Your Mobile Phone Again Thanks To Samsung Proxima

How often do you forget your cellphone at home? How often do you misplace it and how long does it take until you find it again? How many phones have you lost in public places? Well, the answer to this questions for many of us is "a lot", so it's time to solve this using the Samsung Proxima. This mobile has a wristband acting as a dock for a detachable mobile phone. A proximity sensor makes the wristband emit a tone or vibrate if the phone is too far from it and it also helps you find the mi...
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Earpiece LG Tag Phone Gives A New Meaning To Mobile Phone Simplicity, Functionality And Beauty

This is the mobile phone for those who want to simplify their life while making a statement. In today's hyperconnected world, our electronic devices are becoming more interconnected through the Internet, WiFi, broadband and Bluetooth. The LG Tag is a refreshingly simple mobile phone that clips to the ear for ultimate portability and nearly hands-free use, shattering the paradigm of the handheld “brick”. Unlike a wireless headset that links to your existing device, Tag is able to stand alone...
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Magic Stone Phone Concept Has Hologram Based Functions And A One Of A Kind User Customizable Case

I know, I want one too. I don't think there is a living soul out there who wouldn't want one. This amazing phone has all the functions of a contemporary phone such as: mobility, constant Internet connection, access to documents, games and the best possibilities and means of communication and contact. But these are just basic features. The most important feature is, that you can create your own phone case, fully customizable, painted with pictures you pick from the Internet, you can create the ph...
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Just5 Eliminates All Unnecessary Functions And Features An Effortless Operating For Convenient Use

When recent leading phone manufacturers have declared war against each other creating phones with countless functions (most of them actually remains unused), which in terms making the phones complicated to use, Just5 has introduced their latest phone with effortless operation, yet able to perform basic operations efficiently. Big buttons of the phone enables even people with poor eyesight to perform a task easily. It features an emergency S.O.S. button on the backside that can be helpful in emer...
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The Stylish and Handy AVA Mobile Phone with Roll Out Dual Display

The AVA is an innovative touch-phone featuring next generation nano technology to provide users a functional platform of being able to take out the most form a cell phone. This 160mm x 60mm phone with only 7mm thickness can give ultimate convenience of use by featuring two screens to perform various tasks. Aside from the 100mm x 54mm main screen, AVA incorporates an additional 100mm x 90 mm roll out screen that collapse on two inside the phone. To make it even more engaging, all the buttons are ...
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The Mimeo Cellphone Enables The User to Write Like a Pen

Mimeo is an innovative cellphone concept that enables the user to make calls and send messages in a more interactive way. The writable bended body of the concept features a signal light on top of the phone and an OLED touchscreen for efficient functioning. On the bottom part, it contains a call button and a write button that enables the user to make calls and make the surface writable. The end contains the stylus which acts as a pen nib when writing with the cellphone. Aside from intuitive and c...
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The Eye Mobile Phone-A Great Combination of Fun and Functionality

The Eye is an innovative, slim and ultra-lightweight cellphone concept that features a see thru LCD touchscreen with various amazing functionalities. Aside from making calls and watching movies, the intuitive transparent screen enhances the GPS function with follow arrow through the transparent display to your desired destination. By utilizing next generation connectivity, it allows the user to take a picture of a building, product or person in real view through the clear glass and search on net...
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Eco-Friendly Nokia Phone Empowered With Bio Battery

The concept green phone has specially been designed for Nokia as an alternative power source of expensive and valuable resource consuming batteries that are hard to disposal and damaging to the environment. The key objective of the concept is to replace traditional batteries with bio battery to create a phone that helps keeping the environment free from pollution. The ecologically friendly bio battery generates electricity from carbohydrates or sugar by utilizing enzymes as the mechanism. The bi...
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Wearable X Torsion Cell Phone Concept

The X Torsion cell phone concept has been especially designed for extreme sport athletes that is very much purposeful and at the same time, stylish as well. This concept phone contains two parts, A TPE elastomer cover, available in different colors and can be washed after use, that stretches to fit almost any size of forearm, and another one is the keyboard and display, that is also joined with TPE, allowing free flexion of the cell. The innovation of this design allows flexibility to the athlet...
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Cobalto and Zafiro : Futuristic Devices That Are Inspired by Sci-Fi Movies

Cobalto and Zafiro are two futuristic concept devices that have been designed by getting inspired from Sci-Fi movies like “Minority Report”. Cobalto, the glass screen of this mobile phone concept has been envisioned to be able to produce 3D objects in the air which is really exciting. The device features deformable metal which will allow the user to function either on traditional number buttons or a dial like iPod. (more…)...
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