Nokia 8110 : The Banana Phone is Back!

The legendary Nokia Banana Phone is back with 4G technology. It looks like Nokia wants to resurrect this iconic phone that features curved slider design for the next generation. It still features familiar and easy to use interface, including those intuitive tactile mechanics, you can slide your phone to answer or end calls. You can expect the same durability and reliability from Nokia, including crystal-clear VoLTE calling, this is an iconic 4G phone that could complement your existing smartphone.

Even though it features the archaic design, this phone still allows you to have an access to an app store, Google search, Google maps, Facebook, Twitter, send/receive emails, and many more. oh, yes, it also comes with a revamped version of Snake. There are two colors available: banana yellow and traditional black.

Nokia 8110 : The Banana Phone is Back!

Nokia 8110 : The Banana Phone is Back!

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