BrainWave Desktop Microwave Oven Heats Your Meals On Your Table

Every company would happily buy BrainWave for each of their employees, it keeps them working even during lunch. BrainWave is a desktop microwave that will heat your meals giving you as much time as possible to keep concentrating on your works. Office employees tend to work more and more hours each years, due to the pressure of modern working life, skipping lunch/meals becomes a bad habit. The positive effect of this device for you is, it offers hot and healthy meals for quick nourishment supply, this means more energy for you to go through the working day.

Designer : Steve Gates

BrainWave Desktop Microwave Oven

BrainWave Desktop Microwave Oven

More information from Steve:

This computer peripheral device generates a social comment in response to researched evidence that office employees are working more hours each year due to the escalating pressures of modern working life. Such demands will inevitably cause problems related to stress, tiredness and general health both in and outside of work.

The final concept aims to assist employees during lunch breaks which are more frequently becoming shorter to satisfy the demands of modern working life.

BrainWave Desktop Microwave Oven

Students will also benefit from an appliance which cooks meals on their desktop. Researched evidence proved that this age category (18 – 24years) were the most dangerous when cooking in the kitchen. This was primarily due to distractions such as the internet, games consoles and TV leading them out of the kitchen to other rooms whilst cooking. Now the cooking hazard has been transferred to where the distraction is allowing students to carry on safely with other priorities whilst monitoring their next meal.

BrainWave Desktop Microwave Oven

To enhance ease of use Radio Frequency Identification is integrated into the product to allow the oven to recognise an inserted ‘BrainWave’ meal. Adhesive RFID tags are located on the end of the packaged plastic fork – this contains information on the meal. With a swipe through the products built in scanner the oven recognises the meal and operates at the appropriate time and heat. The microwave is powered through a C8 port connected to the mains and controlled through a computer application connected via USB.

BrainWave Desktop Microwave Oven

BrainWave Desktop Microwave Oven

BrainWave Desktop Microwave Oven

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JJohnson says: October 27, 2014

Why have you written a review about this product without mentioning the most important part… where do i buy it from???

    Tuvie says: October 29, 2014

    We have mentioned in the article, it's a concept.

Manisha says: July 22, 2015

Where can I buy it from didn’t mentioned the rate tooi

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