After 5 Years, When Will Microsoft Touchscreen Available ?

Well, after announcing it 5 years ago, Microsoft still not launch this product just yet. People are getting bored in expecting this technology. Microsoft also feels the same thing. Steve Ballmer said that they’re “going to follow our nose” and put it to the grindstone to get a consumer version of its Surface touch computer out to your local Best Buy sooner, rather than way later after a total project re-boot with five different versions and horrible driver support. Good news, huh ?

microsoft future touchscreen technology

microsoft future touchscreen technology

Source : Gizmodo

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Stefan says: December 19, 2008

I would really buy this product but they are only selling it to business right now

kendra says: February 15, 2010

this is a fantastic design…

very creative..

even tho i think i have seen this before…. :(

Vaarhaenis Brutus Rastavarna says: April 1, 2011

i like it…

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