Magnetic Notebook with Pages Easy to Attach and Detach as Needed

It looks just like an ordinary notebook, but it’s actually a Magnetic Notebook. Designed in California and made in China, this notebook helps re-organize your notes in an easier way. The magnetic stripe makes it easy to move and re-connect the pages back onto its hardbound notebook. This notebook is available in two versions: 55 pages or 110 pages, you can also purchase the refills too. [Buy It Here]

Magnetic Notebook by Charles Good-Man

Magnetic Notebook by Charles Good-Man

Charles Good-Man, a freelance graphic designer, has brilliantly designed blend paper’s flow and permanence with digital’s flexibility. Magnetic Notebook looks like just another high quality, hardcover note book, something that usually designers carry everywhere so that they can just write a note or sketch new ideas. However, Magnetic Notebook provides one specific mind-blowing difference, the pages are bound to a magnetic spine. It means that you can easily pull them out and share them with others, then put them back anywhere you like. [Buy It Here]

Magnetic Notebook by Charles Good-Man

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