Falcon Concept Car Features Great Power with Jet Propelled Engines

Falcon is a futuristic car concept that elegantly combines two different platforms into an innovative and highly functional racing car with unique aesthetics. From the front, the falcon is a stylish car, while the rear end features double rotatable jet propelled engines that gives ultimate power to the car. Moreover, these engines push up the rear end of the vehicle to achieve a vertical position for efficient driving on the busy city roads. When the engines are turned off, the vehicles become a big SEGWAY, creating more space in parking places by taking less space.

falcon concept car

falcon concept car

falcon concept car

falcon concept car

falcon concept car

falcon concept car

falcon concept car

Designer : Samir Sadikhov

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9 thoughts on “Falcon Concept Car Features Great Power with Jet Propelled Engines

  1. good design concept..however, i don't see any space advantage in parking 'coz when you retract it from parking area and drive it again, you need the vehicle to be back to its vertical position. manueverable capability of such vehicle design is really expected to be excemptional to the rest of land based-vehicle.

  2. Good concepot but needs rear control, mini engine for startup & rear TV scanners for 360 arc scanning.

    Ideal for Racing mode.

    Must for No Africa X desert race or Bonnieville Salt Flats UT.

    Otherwise hard to use.

    Nice use for 007 movie

  3. It wouldn't be very safe in public use and everything will melt that is in the direction of the thrusts. Like with that motorcycle with the gas-turbine, if you would stand to close behind it with your car the bumpers could melt and/or deform because of the heat.

    It wouldn't be the very economical with fuel either, you continuously need to keep the thrusters on even when standing still.

    Steering would be hell, cos the thing wants to go straight, seeing it doesn't have any steerable thrusters like most modern fighter jets.

    It might be used for racing, but for normal use it's useless and stupid.

  4. There is a third wheel or it's just flying? I think this car should have processor for balancing on two wheels or something like gyroscope.

  5. beautiful design but this will never function. Sadly, looks really cool. Race cars gettting speed cause they have more grip between wheel and street by adding a spoiler to use airpressure to press the car down. What you do is the opposit of it. And driving only on two frontwheels while getting puhed by ONLY two turbines… You can't control the direction with wheels and you don't have any wings like a airplane so you can't control it that way also…… sorry but for me it looks like a uncontrollable rocket with two wheels on it. (O.O)

  6. why we make a sports bike for handicap peoples like racers and others……
    like the two side wheel are movable for the size of the roads.

    for example we join two wheels in the sides of the bike the features of these two wheels are
    there is a cure in the right side… in a curve the right and left side tyres upper part is slope down to the right side and down part of the tyres are sloped into left side….
    its just my concept any problm for my concept sorry for all….
    thank you…..

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