Exoskeleton Design Backpack for IDI

Vinaccia Integral Design has designed a new range of backpacks for Innovazione Design Italia (IDI) that combines lightness and strength with a carbon fiber external skeleton supporting and shielding the nylon fabric waterproof plus tear-resistant interior. The backpacks feature 3 pockets, which is accessible from outside of the backpack. The backpack’s interior space is ideal for holding a 15-inch laptop and other compartments for accessories. The exterior ABS shell is available in two colors including silver and rubber mate black, while the fabric comprises of 4 colors including red, grey, black as well as lime green. The new Exoskeleton Design Backpack designed for IDI seems to be attention grabbing. IDI is an innovative Max brand, reaching its first forty years with its quest for research.

Designer : Vinaccia Integral Design

Exoskeleton Design Backpack

Exoskeleton Design Backpack

Exoskeleton Design Backpack

Exoskeleton Design Backpack

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One thought on “Exoskeleton Design Backpack for IDI

  1. Must for USFS, USPS, USBP, TX Rangers, hiking groups, Spec Ops (undercover),
    Biker groups, Lifeguards alone can Use.

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