At The Crossroads Between Art and Design, An Artist Re-imagines The Purpose of Coal

Maybe you didn’t know, but as we speak, good old coal is still the most used energy fuel for generating electricity in the world.

By using coal as a manufacturing material, the artist Eduard Locota is predicting an alternative future for coal, where this combustible material is not primarily used as the world’s leading fuel. “It’s one thing to recycle a material that was previously used in the industry, but it’s a totally different game to actively re-purpose a material towards a new industry. Who would normally think of using fuel as a furniture piece?”

If we analyzing the past of the material: its transformation from a plant into a rock, and currently into the fuel; we can try to predict the new and complex future of coal and similar fossil-fuel. The artist is reinterpreting the purpose of this fossil fuel: “we actually go beyond recycling, towards an active transformation of the material and of its purpose” says the artist.

Forest: Wall Mirror / Sculpture
It tells the story of our forests, of the trees and ecosystem in which we live, synthesized and transformed into a currency of exchange (reference to the golden color).

Forest Mirror Sculpture by Eduard Locota

Forest Mirror Sculpture by Eduard Locota

The works of Eduard Locota explain the idea of deforestation, the metamorphosis of man from youth to adulthood, recent de-industrialization, and the transition to the digital age.

Butterfly: Wall lamp / Sculpture
This creation is as much sculpture as it is design (a wall lamp). The designer is compelled to add an active function to my works, beside aesthetic. It tells the metamorphosis story of a young man, that is full of hope (the butterfly), transformed by the passage of time, into a simple proletarian, into a “miner” with a lamp at his forehead. It reminds Eduardo of his grandfather, yours … maybe of ourselves.

Butterfly Lamp Sculpture by Eduard Locota

Butterfly Lamp Sculpture by Eduard Locota

Dawn: Wall lamp / Sculpture
This creation is as much sculpture as it is a functional design. And why not, a wall lamp. Coal, a material that has shaped the Industrial Era, and a primary fossil fuel, can now be reshaped into endless forms.

Dawn Lamp Sculpture by Eduard Locota

Purple generation: Wall lamp / Sculpture
In the world of shadows, what better material than coal can you find? In particular for this work, a mix of coal, resin and light, put the emphasis on shadows and how they react to light.

Purple Generation Lamp Sculpture by Eduard Locota

The artist’s creations highlight the synthesis through alternative materials used, such as: synthetic marble, synthetic glass, synthetic stone, charcoal, wood, and so on. The works have a powerful conceptual plasticity but also physical plasticity, a concept that can be interpreted as modern design works of the 21st Century. They tell the story of a metamorphosis, of transformations and transitions. A transition both at the level of the individual and at the level of society.

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