With One Urban Bike, You Can Fold Your Bike into A Compact Round-Shaped

Folding urban bike is great concept of flexibility. Today a lot of emphasis is being given to flexibility and sustainability with respect to mode of transport. In these lines comes the concept designed by English designer Thomas Jowen. He has named this conceptual design as ‘One’, which is an urban bike that can be folded when not in use. The bike has a standard handle with saddle as in any bike but the difference being that it looks sporty. When it is folded, it makes a compact round shaped design which hardly occupies any space. It surely looks a good solution to road congestion.

one urban bike concept

one urban bike concept

Designer : Thomas Jowen

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ContraAl says: September 24, 2008

Interesting concept! I love this design.

Dwayne Thompson says: March 12, 2009

Just wonderful design.

sachit.s says: April 22, 2009

Great…. i would be interested to know more about it..

Octavio says: August 20, 2009

Where can I buy it?

Wen An says: December 23, 2014

So happy to see this design, it’s actually in my mind, but some body already did it!
Another design with same idea is electric bike!
How to buy one?

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