The External Peripheral Free Desktop Computer Froot

Froot is a bio friendly desktop computer concept, which was also a participant of DELL Regeneration Green Computing Technology Contest, features laser technology and high end projecting for efficient and convenient computing. With this concept, the need of external peripherals like monitor or keyboard has been eliminated by projecting them onto any flat surface. Froot has been made by using starch based polymer made biodegradable skin that ensures a close loop of the product by returning the electrical components to the manufacturer for recycle and reuse. Moreover, Froot promotes social interaction by using the projected screen as a media center for business or family entertainment.

external peripheral free desktop computer froot

external peripheral free desktop computer froot

external peripheral free desktop computer froot

external peripheral free desktop computer froot

external peripheral free desktop computer froot

Designer : Paulina Carlos

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farhad parvin says: January 27, 2010

dear sir .

hi , i want this pc .

please send to me price and more information .

Liam Quinn says: January 27, 2010

It's NOT real farhad parvin.

Koneck says: January 31, 2010

I'd feel strange using that keyboard, and where is the mouse.

Dave says: February 1, 2010

Why do people always assume we will continue to need a real keyboard and mouse? As computers advance so do the way we use them. I'm just curious if you expect to be typing on a "real" keyboard in 2030.

terrell says: February 15, 2010

this idea is da best when u dont have nothing 2 do get with me to help me invent someing

Gamma Sharma says: February 23, 2010

Why do you need a virtual keyboard when you could had had the physical one on the surface of the “CPU” instead?

And why has the Windows XP not gone out of fashion with something as futuristic as this?

And where is the provision for a mouse?

K33K33 says: March 17, 2010

This is awesome i will so totally get that when it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Timmeh!!! says: March 19, 2010

They are probably going to sell the mouse separate to suck more money out of your pocket.


Timmeh!!! says: March 19, 2010

otherwise, this computer is awesome!!!

AvaRose says: September 24, 2010

Interesting, I like the projection concept, but that isn't always possible.

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