Mini Getaway Cars : MINI Clubvan Camper, MINI Cowley Caravan, and MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp

A collection of Mini Getaway Cars that will make all campers want to break their banks to get one of these. These concept trios feature different aspects which have risen in popularity of camping and festivals, a premium home on-the-go for all enthusiastic travelers. All 3 models can be associated with MINI’s characteristics which are compact, fun, and luxury. They’ve been designed and develop...
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Tricycle House and Tricycle Garden Could Be The Future of Single Family Home in China

A temporary house might be the answer for those who can’t afford their own land, this is a fundamental condition in China. Tricycle House and Tricycle Garden has brought interesting concept for the future where people and the temporary land their occupy can develop temporary relationship. This project aims to create affordable single family home as well as sustainable. The material used is pl...
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Sessac Humidifier by Wonsang Lee

Seçac Humidifier or you can say Sessac Humidifier takes white bucket form into design consideration rather than black bucket to provide clean and classic look of this product. The word Sessac itself means sprout in Korean, it is reflected clearly on this humidifier design. It is constructed of cylindrical water tank with handle, a sprout shaped float mechanism that consists of water filter, sonic...
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Host Lamp by Bae Minsung

Host Lamp concept transforms any lamp’s heat into electrical energy. If this concept was for real, we could think one and two appliances that could utilize the energy. In this concept, Host Lamp powers a small humidifier by utilizing the lamp’s waste heat. Why lamp? Well, lamps are most commonly used electrical items in a house, they produce a great amount of heat which actually can be transfo...
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PURE : Fruits – Vegetables Purifier and Dryer

PURE has been designed to provide solution for environmental problems. It gives an aesthetic solution as well as an easier and standardized customer interface. Efficient use of water is done using this system. This product aims to compensate clean-up and drying fruits and vegetables. It reduces the water usage. This product recollects the used water and purifies them biologically and mechanicall...
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Eco Bath System by Jang Wooseok

Eco Bath is a dual water-tank designed primarily to recycle water rolling down from a washbasin. It is composed of two key parts including a left part having recycled water, while the right part comprises of tap water. It looks just like a regular water-tank when looked outwardly, except for 2 levers plus a single LED. The LED turns green when the left part is filled with recycled water so that th...
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H2Pod Portable Water Tank Increases The Public’s Amenity Of The Park

CobaltNiche has designed an innovative portable water tank called H2Pod. It is specifically designed to drip-feed water to drought-stressed trees in parks and urban environments. Not only used as water tank, H2Pod can also be used as a seat. H2Pod has the perfect shape and height for people to sit comfortably yet discourage long term use such as people lying/sleeping on the unit, clever right? Wit...
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Eol’eau Collects Rain Water and Produces Electricity from The Wind Energy

The concept of Eol'eau has two major working principles: collecting rain water and then generating electricity by using the wind energy with implementing a wind generator. The water tank resides in the base with a capacity of 600 liter. Eol'eau offers a prospect to water flowers, fields and large areas with more convenience than other traditional watering-pot. There is also a water pump to pressur...
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