rvnDSGN 3D Printed Titanium Timepieces That Outlive You

Stylish rvnDSGN 3D Printed Titanium Timepieces collection would look great on your wrist. Titanium as you know is one of rare materials which stronger yet lighter than steel, it can be pretty tricky to work with. Using 3D printing process, rvnDSGN team has managed to bring you this great collection of titanium watches by burning titanium dust into place and building the shape over time, amazing is...
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Futuristic Wearable O2 Magnetic Dumbbell

O2 Magnetic Dumbbell could be our new generation of dumbbell which is highly portable that you can carry anywhere as well as do many different exercises due to magnetic dumbbell. It doesn’t carry the shape of regular dumbbell that you usually use, it’s a wearable dumbbell. This device is always adjustable to different kinds of workout requirements, simply switch the polarity of electromagnets....
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Linear Scissors Can Cut a Straight Line Easily Without Pre-Marking

Linear scissors concept proposes new design to enable user to cut a perfect straight line by taking advantage the edge of the table. The common problem that we usually deal when cutting a long straight line with scissors is we need to pre-mark the line or use additional tool such as a roll cutter or ruler. This concept scissors have been designed to solve the issue thanks to its unique horizontall...
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Transparent Manta Chair with A Wooden Leg For The Back and Spine

Manta chair just its name suggests it was inspired by the shape of Manta fish. You can clearly see the character through the elaborate lines, it combines structural elements such as wood, plastics, and steel, blend them all together in harmony. A modern stackable transparent chair in variety of colors, the wooden leg for the back and spine adds a nice touch for the overall design that follows mini...
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GTi Surfboard Concept by Peugeot Design Lab

GTi Surfboard Concept by Peugeot Design Lab was revealed during Goodwood Festival of Speed. It was inspired and based on Peugeot latest car the new 208 GTi, RCZ R, and Onyx concept car. It is hoped that you can enjoy the same thrill from driving those latest performance cars. The surfboard features traditional wood of classic surfboards combined with latest carbon fiber technology just like the on...
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Music Yue Converts Everyday City Noise to Beautiful Music

Reduce the city noise into beautiful music using this little tool, Music Yue. Designed by Jiawei Huang, this concept that takes the shape of a tuning fork is able to convert sound waves of noise into music or dispel it. Music is one of amazing color of a city, it brings delight to human life, but noise is a city pollution, difficult to eliminate, such as traffic and construction noise. Based on...
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Vessel Bathtub Features Hammock Style Bathtub from Splinter Works

Vessel Bathtub features hammock style tub that blends the 2 iconic symbol of relaxation, yes, a hammock and a bathtub. The attractive shape makes this tub appealing to different kind of people, Splinter Works design team was inspired to design and develop a masterpiece that would provide the ultimate relaxation. By elevating the bathtub in a hammock styled shape, it enhances the bathing experience...
Posted in » Bathroom, Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Figaro Concept Supercar by Ciprian Andrus

Ciprian Andrus has sent us his latest concept supercar, it’s called Figaro. It’s been designed based on modern elements which can be found in current Ferrari supercars. So, what do you think? Ferrari Figaro is a combination of classic design with modern elements that are found in current models from Ferrari. Classic line is maintained in the windshield and the headlights also central lines. F...
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Faceted Wall Clock to Spice Up Your Interior Decor

This is a unique faceted wall clock that will attract your attention every time you walk by. Each clock is individually cast in yellow, turquoise, or cream resin and formed in flexible mould, manipulated by hand so that each unit is unique. Every clock will have a unique shape and facet, there are no 2 clocks exactly the same. The diameter is approximately 12” and the hands are available in gold...
Posted in » Interior Design

X-Shaped LCD Watch Features Fresh and Youthful Design

X-Shaped Watch usually doesn’t get good responses from users, but we think this concept is pretty cool. If you are bored with circle or rectangle or hexagon watch design, you might love this concept, it features fresh and youthful design. The designer said that he had been working with different ideas for this watch and finally chose this shape, because it’s unique and unconventional. The LCD ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

August Smart Lock : Smart Door Lock for The Future!

Many of us have experienced losing keys and I guess I don’t have to remind you the stress and panic not to mention the cost of calling a locksmith. There are more than 20% of Americans have been locked out their homes for at least once in the last year alone. We’ve been carrying keys in our pockets like … I don’t know … as long as we can remember, sharp pieces of metal jiggling in our po...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Protection

Float Series : Bathtub and Sink Design by Tirdad Kiamanesh

A nice design inspired by sea and yacht to bring new functionalities which had been forgotten. It makes life so easier and at the same time, it brings new and modern shapes to your bathroom. This project tries to answer the challenge of designing a bathtub that suits different ages, safe and comfortable as well as hygienic and easy to clean. The unique shape inside the bathtub offers good position...
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Pilu Lamp by Leoni Werle

Leoni Werle, a German industrial designer has brought you unique lamp which literally can lean to you. Pilu lamp base shape allows itself to switch between 2 different positions, just like seesaw, upright or inclined. The solid oak base and the lamp are connected via one directional hinge which moves based on the angle of the base. This type of hinge enables the light to be directed downwards or a...
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U’Bike : Modern Exercise Bike Design That Tracks Your Workout Progress

Developed in 2010 to a design course at the University of Aveiro, U'Bike appears as a product that was designed and created by strong influence of mass mingling, smartphones, trysumerism (customers become more and more daring to try new things). The entire method of assembly is simplified, using standard solutions, so maintenance is facilitated and may easily replace the components within the spec...
Posted in » Bike, Designs and Concepts, Sports

Tilt 20 Dispenser Reduces Wastage and Increases Convenience

Tilt 20 dispenser concept redesigns our conventional dispenser shape in order to reduce wastage and increase convenience. During a party, a big dispenser is often use to serve drinks such as punch, juice, soda, or ice tea, however as the beverage runs low, we usually tilt the dispenser forward to get the last drops. It’s an inconvenience way to pour your drink, isn’t it? Tilt 20 dispenser c...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Food and Drink, Green

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