Echo Smart Watch Interface by Brian Khouw

Brian Khouw has ideas how a smart watch interface should look like. Echo Smart Watch is the result of 2 days brainstorming on how a touch screen watch should look and work. The main challenge of this project is to present the information to the user through the screen without obstruct the main information on the small screen itself. The key here is to provide the information as easy to understand as possible with minimal signs, a sign that is worth a thousand words, well maybe less than 100 word...
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Jakusa Diaphanum Concept by Jakus Tamás

As someone who loves sci-fi movies, apparently Jakus Tamás was inspired to design this cool Jakusa Diaphanum concept. The goal is to create his visual identity and tries to apply it in his works, but still the most important aspect would to design realistic concept, futuristic yet producible. There’s no windshield for this motorcycle, perhaps it uses virtual windscreen technology. We really wish we could see the dashboard interface on this one, hopefully the designer can update us in the futu...
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V-Tent Solar Powered Charging and Protecting Unit by Hakan Gürsu

V-Tent system features eco-friendly parking system that protects as well as charges your vehicle. Each unit has collapsible canopy which can be used for both personal or public parking areas, together, they create a sustainable system for urban environment. The canopy provides large shade to prevent the heat of the sun, rain or snow from falling on your car, it helps prolong the life and maintenance cycle of your car in the long run. Designer : Hakan Gürsu (more…)...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Maru LCD Watch by Sam Jerichow

Tokyoflash Kisai Maru LCD watch is the latest futuristic watch design from Tokyoflash. It features simple interface, a combination of edges and circles, pretty intuitive time display in mirrored LCD. Designed by Sam Jerichow, this watch is named after Japanese word “Maru” which means circle, thus represent how this watch displays the time using one simple curved line. The inner hand points the hour while the outer one points the minute. It’s as simple as reading conventional clock, you can...
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Syncro Post Surgical Knee Rehabilitation Device by James Cha Design

After a knee surgery, rehabilitation should be done to help patient recover and increase on self dependency. Syncro Post Surgical Knee Rehabilitation Device has been designed to create better and more effective way compared to traditional devices to help patient going through the recovery process easily and enjoyable. It helps patient to slowly progress from passive to active movement, it features user interface that stimulates patient’s motivation to get better. Both legs are used together to...
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IIDA Infobar Mobile Phone by Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa has stepped once again at the design helm after this release of his first-generation INFOBAR. The new smartphone by Naoto features its signature tile-like keys, a wide array of colors including vermillion NISHIKIGOI and hand-fitting form. The user interface is as you like it. With a high-end personal customization that helps INFOBAR unveil an assortment of expressions, it offers an innovative user interface, which makes operation a real fun. Equipped with Android 2.3, this excepti...
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Draw A Picture To Make A Call With Depict Phone

DEPICT is an innovative phone from which a user can make calls by drawing an image or writing a word on the touch screen. This phone employs an innate interface and easy steps so that natives who are unfamiliar with digital devices can use it hassle-free without having to memorize any phone numbers. The system recognizes the image or the word the user draws and links it to the intended person’s phone number. The user need not keep track of all the phone numbers in mind anymore. This novel para...
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Mind Speller Reads Your Mind Based On Brain-Computing Interface Technology

It is possible to read one’s mind. Isn’t this surprising? Yes, it is! With an innovative technology called brain-computing interface, the Mind Speller concept has been introduced. Mind Speller has been developed in partnership with the team of Prof. Marc VAN HULLE. It is a type of headgear that is used by patients affected with stroke or who have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Mind Speller employs 2 different paradigms including P300 as well as Steady State Visually Evoked Potential abbrevia...
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Minimalist Zimmer Mobile Phone by Mac Funamizu

For those of you, who are looking for a yet another mobile phone concept, check out the new mobile phone by designer Mac Funamizu, Zimmer. You will be amazed at how slim the phone looks and offers great ease in handling. Dig a little deeper and explore an assortment of intuitive features the phone has. We must not miss out its admirable interface, which makes it easy to operate. Well, it looks like a mini iPad, but its design and technological implementation wins over the other models. Design...
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