Aquabot Pressurized Water Bottle Concept by Nick Rhea

Nick Rhea is the designer of Aquabot, a lid that turns ordinary water bottles into a pressurized one. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, the idea came to him during a backpacking trip in Alaska where he thought there’s got to be a better and easier way to clean up his gear and his body. That’s when he noticed other people in the group used a wide-mouth water bottle. Aquabot transforms most bottles...
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Dyson Radiator Concept by Nikolas Ethore

Modular radiator is not a new concept, we have featured it before Urban Bonfire radiator, Rethinking the radiator or Modulo, and this time, we saw Dyson radiator concept from Nikolas Ethore. It’s a project that designed and developed for Dyson design award, the brief was simple, create a personal radiator that reduces energy consumptions for small space houses and apartments. This concept all...
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Therm-O Terra Thermal Glass Vessel by Aquaovo

Beautifully designed, Therm-O Terra Thermal Glass Vessel provides the convenience to enjoy your hot or cold beverages on-the-go. It’s made from food grade, lead free, BPA free material, so, not only it protects your health, it also protects our environment. Modern and stylish, this product features removable stainless steel tea strainer and silicone splash guard, it’s an eco-chic alternative t...
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Seat Post Trick Lock by Cao Ming

A new bike security system, this is what Seat Post Trick Lock offer you. The main goal of this design is to find a way to put some relevant functional objects and combine them together to get better convenience. This concept combines bicycle with bike lock. The lock’s cord is located within the seat post while the dials are located near the top of the seat post. User can detach the post from the...
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Two any One Electric Oven by Kim Yohwan

Two any One Electric Oven tries to answer our need of portable electric induction that is compact enough to carry anywhere. Our conventional electric induction is just too big, moreover you need to have a cord to use it outside. To improve this condition, Kim Yohwan has designed a concept induction that maximizes user’s convenience. Two any One Electric Oven consists of 2 modules: the base an...
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Easy Pressing Bottle Concept by Qi Long, Zheng Toby, and Jia Shawn

I guess the image explains everything about Easy Pressing bottle. Although it looks like just a simple thing, every small convenience counts as design is about caring to human nature. Instead of using 2 hands, you can simply use one hand to press the bottle. This concept bottle design can be applied on wide variety products such as shampoo, liquid soap, lotion, etc. Designers : Qi Long, Zheng T...
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Hosu Single Seat Lounge Chair Creates Personal, Relaxing Work Environment

Yes, we definitely want Hosu single seat lounge chair in our office here. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this interesting chair promotes spreading out while working, whether you are at home, hotel room, or any other business environments. It’s like your personal space to get your work done in a relaxed environment. This is the first product out of Hosu lounge collection, we also notice the two-s...
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Face : A Flash Light and USB Drive In One by Sang Hyun Jeong

This interesting Face is a combination of a flash light and USB drive. We know that this might not futuristic or complicated gadget, but the designer is able to bring cute expression into the design which makes it pretty attractive. The battery for flash light will be charged automatically every time it is plugged into a computer or any other devices with USB port. It offers convenience by combini...
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Convenient Cavity Bottle Design Enhances The Bottle’s Convenience of Use

Convenient Cavity bottle design takes the typical shape of our shampoo dispenser and adds a hole below the pump to make it much more convenient to use. The objective of this bottle design is to enable user pumping the shampoo out by using just one hand. With the newly designed shampoo dispenser, user can press down the pump using the thumb and slide the other fingers onto the bottle’s cavity to ...
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Dental Paper Dispenser : Conceptual Toothpaste Paper for Your Convenience While Traveling

Dental Paper is your toothpaste alternative while on-the-go. You can call it a conceptual toothpaste paper, since this tool will dispense paper-like toothpaste for your convenience in brushing your teeth while traveling. Brushing my teeth is a routine that I won’t ever forget to do in the morning and at night. However, when I travel and have to carry toothpaste in my luggage, I always worry that...
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Sliding Wheelchair : Adjustable Wheelchair With Slidable Seat

Sliding Wheelchair is ideal for people who are under special care and who find it difficult to move from their bed to the wheelchair. This wheelchair design features an adjustable height with a sliding seat that brings convenience to the chore of moving amid the chair and the bed. This design proves to be highly useful for the caregiver as well as the receiver of the care. Designed with universal ...
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O-Zone Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Design for Hard-To-Reach Areas

Nothing can be as frustrating as cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. Although we take all possible steps to clean up those areas, most of time it ends up in vain. Well, vacuum cleaners make the job easy for us, however, not all models serve their purpose. You may have to carry such hefty vacuum cleaner wherever you want to clean. To overcome this situation, the concept of handheld cleaners came in...
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Sticks In The Air Cellphone Comprises Two Stick Like Phones To Be Used At Once

Few days ago, a competition was organized in my city named “Fastest Finger” which was a game of typing a 500 character SMS at least possible time. Since there was no specified cell phone model for the competition, I am pretty sure I would have wined the game if I were able to use Sticks in the air cell phone concept. This cell phone concept has been designed as two cell phones actually that...
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Cooking In Office Is Easy With Mono.Kitchen

I’ve never thought of cooking in my office during lunchtime, because it’s too time consuming. Mono.Kitchen is a conceptual kitchen system for office. It’s been designed to provide convenience for cooking in office environment, less time consuming and more enjoyable. Its design makes this table the center of attraction during lunchtime. It’s like a long conference table with complete cookin...
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Repair Toolset Offers Great Aesthetics with Ultimate Convenience and Functionalities

The Repair Toolset is an innovative tool concept aiming to ensure convenient and efficient household use with stylish functionality. This design eliminates the usual tendency of keeping tool boxes out of sight in a dark corner of the cabinet because of their ugly size and shape. The repair toolset has been designed with a range of handy and handsome tools that users will keep happily always at sig...
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