Vanhawks Valour Carbon Fiber Smart Bicycle for Smart Riding

Vanhawks Valour Carbon Fiber Smart Bicycle that connects to special app on your smart phone to provide you with important information to ensure your safety, comfort, and insight on every ride. The company claims that this bike is the world’s first smart carbon fiber bike built especially for commuters with safety, comfort, and connectivity in mind. You can connect the bike to iOs, Android, an...
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Onyx Sofa by Peugeot Design Lab

With a combination of Volvic volcanic lava stone and carbon fiber, Onyx Sofa becomes a unique, beautiful 3-meter long seat. Designed by Peogeut Design Lab, this sofa was presented for the first time at Milan Design Week 2014, it is the first line of “made to measure” furniture range, in collaboration with Pierre Gimbergues. Volvic stone has spent thousands of years filtering water for its a...
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Leaos 2.0 : Carbon Fiber e-Bike Features Italian Style

Leaos 2.0, a carbon fiber e-bike now comes with more elgant and mature design, completed with NuVinci automatic shifting. The company says that NuVinci will be standard from now on, you can expect to have the same technology for future model. Its carbon handlebar is integrated with LCD display that provides you with essential information about the bike, the Battery:11.6 Ah is developed with the ma...
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PURISME Letter Opener by Mario Zeppetzauer

PURISME Letter Opener is made of carbon fiber inserted at a 15-degree angle, beautifully crafted and limited to only 15 pieces. The use of high tech material, carbon, provokes the pursuit of a technical perfection, as you can see here, even the direction of the carbon fiber is stipulated from a technical point of view both horizontal and vertical. Inserting carbon fibers at a 15-degree angle provi...
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Toby Concept Car by Fulop Gellert

We just got design submission from Fulop Gellert, it's a concept car called Toby. Yes, the name reminds us to "A Special Story about Toby", you can read the reason behind this cute name from the designer's own words below. The concept cars name is Toby. It might seem a persons name and it is, but I also decided to give it to my concept. This is because I believe it has a personality, not becaus...
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Patrol Ultralight Concept Aircraft by Ekaterina Dekhtyarenko

Patrol Ultralight Concept Aircraft has been designed for fire-prevention patrol, patrol of reserves zones, ice and trade investigation, search and rescue works. It’s compact, easy to use and assembly, and uses only modern eco materials. Ekaterina Dekhtyarenko explains that the main goal of this project is to offer an aircraft that has good flight characteristics, affordable, safe, and economic. ...
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Nerpa Transformable Dog Sledge for North Russia Environment

Nerpa Transformable Dog Sledge has been designed to suit North Russia environment. Families usually keep 2 or more sledges for different needs: one for passengers, another one for sightseeing or outing, and the last one to carry their daily needs, a cargo. This concept sledge combines all these type of sledges where the owner can choose the number of seats needed. It reminds us about native inuit ...
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AC eBike by Àlex Casabò

The AC eBike is a new concept of electric bicycle that mixes BMX and Fixie styles with a motor driven by a battery capable of providing an autonomy of up to 50km at 40km/h. The AC eBike is very light, because it uses the latest generation materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum, and incorporates LED lights both front and rear. It can be customized with a lot of colors and materials, and also c...
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Audi Bike Concept by Vladimer Kobakhidze

Vladimer Kobakhidze, a 29-year old Georgian car designer has sent us his Audi bike concept, a premium transportation for urban traffic to reduce pollution. Please don’t get confused by the name, it’s not an official concept from Audi, but clearly it was inspired by the famous Audi brand design philosophy. In this fast growing population, the reloaded urban traffic and the polluted environme...
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Chute Stowable Bag by Michael Pappas

Chute stowable bag can be a great emergency bag when needed. A simple pulling gesture of its cord collapses this reusable bag, easy and efficient. The bottom of this bag has been lined with carbon fiber tubes, so when you fill this bag with your stuff or groceries, the bag can hold its structure to keep your contents safe. When you pull the aluminum handle, the built-in cord running through the in...
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Pininfarina Chords Concept Transforms Low Frequency Vibration Into Energy

Pininfarina Chords Concept was inspired by music, a futuristic sportscar that features similar vibration strings system which is produced by musical instruments. This car can transform any low frequency vibrations coming from those strings into energy, an innovative technology known as Mini Energy Harvest, developed at MIT. The strings are installed to the car’s exterior elements which are ma...
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Jaguar XF Sportbrake Speedboat Concept Boasts Luxury and Stylish Characteristics of Jaguar Cars

Jaguar has released their latest concept Jaguar XF Sportbrake Speedboat that features the same DNA of this British premium luxury and sports car manufacturer. Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, says that Jaguar recognizes the needs of their existing and future customers to have active and diverse lifestyles, thus resulting a new opportunity for the company to develop alternative product that b...
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Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle For Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you love outdoor activities, you might as well grab Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle. These set of knives are not meant for cutting, they are for self-defense/stabbing, so if you expect to get super sharp blades, you might get disappointed. Each of these daggers features aerospace grade woven and uni-directional pre-preg. Made in USA, the self-defense blades handles are made up of 36 layers of...
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Land Yacht Concept by Krisztián Griz

Have you ever heard about land sailing? If you haven’t then let us give you some hint. Land sailing means moving across the land in a wheeled vehicle powered by nature, the wind. This land yacht concept submission came from Krisztian Griz as his project for 3D modelling course. It’s been aerodynamically designed with 3 wheeled configuration and utilizing rear wheel for steering. The body is co...
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YikeBike Super Light Electric Folding Bike Releases New Fusion Model

An innovative Fusion Model has been unveiled by the Christchurch Company that already developed the electric folding YikeBike. This new model is slightly heavy than the innate carbon fibre bike, however it is slightly lighter on the pocket. While the archetype is made out of carbon fibre, the Fusion frame as well as the structural parts are made out of alloy and strengthened polymer composite, whi...
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