SteriShoe is A Remedy for Stinky Shoes

In order to pursue the busy and hectic daily life, most of us have to run all through the day, which results stains, bad smells and bacterial objects all over our body, especially inside our shoes. We are using various products for cleaning our body but Steri Shoe is a great product concept that we may consider as the world’s first ultraviolet shoe sanitizer. This product can fit inside almost any size of shoes and kill fungi and bad odor in your shoes by using ultra violate lights. With the innovative idea and superb look, Steri Shoe is an effective and environment friendly approach of your shoe sterilization.

steri shoe

steri shoe

steri shoe

Designer : Brook Banham

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John Conner says: February 15, 2010

Seems like a very straight forward idea. How long has this been on the market? Where can I buy it?

    Julia says: February 19, 2010

    The company selling the Sterishoe has a website where you can order it. I bought mine at my DPMs office.

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