HUG : Sleek and Sexy iPod Dock Charger

Now this is something sleek and sexy. I have not been wowed as of late with any other iPod for the looks and design. HUG is affordable and comes with a stylish iPod stand. You can now seamlessly charge and play your iPod while it is kept on its stand. HUG comes with two magical speakers. You must have seen many iPods but this one has really stood out because of its stellar design. Overall, this whole set of iPod is certainly an attention grabber and a piece of décor.

dock para ipod

dock para ipod

Designer : Sebastián Fernández

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Gabemac says: September 23, 2008

This is the best design I’ve seen for an iPod dock in a while for the home. Nice! I referenced this post on my show today. Here is the episode:

Thanks again.

Naraya says: September 23, 2008

1. How does it look when it is closed?

2. I'd like to see hinges (does this thing have any?)

3. How do you make your !pod levitate inside this thing?

4. are you sure there is a technology in the world, that allows you to twist speakers like you did, and they still play?

This is not sexi :)

ali says: October 15, 2008

omg!!! this is an amazing design!!!

i love it

i want one for my ipod now!!!!!!!

who is this young designer?

Evil says: January 21, 2009

it is one of the coolest thing i say for an i pod but i got an idea that might work but you dont have to do it fine a input for an i-pod shuffel that would be so cool

but if you can that is ok it one of the best i-pod spekers i ever saw keep up the good work XD

Oli says: July 29, 2011

These speakers look like Woody Norris' HyperSonic Speakers. A very trick tech that uses two high frequency sound waves to transmit low frequency sound to the ear. I'll buy one if it is!

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