Saucer Vehicle : You Can Sleep While You Drive

The Saucer is a modular self-driven vehicle that features a single size bed arrangement, allowing the driver to sleep in peace while the vehicle takes him or her to the destination. This innovative idea is specially targeted for those who have to drive a long way home from their night shift work place. The soundproof interior of this vehicle is equipped with various programming consoles for self-driving the vehicle. Moreover, if you don’t want to sleep when you are commuting, there is enough space to lay back and relax or perhaps reading a newspaper or a magazine, or just enjoying some entertainment. The rear end of Saucer has a medium-size baggage compartment where you can store your required stuffs like suitcase, briefcase, etc.

saucer vehicle

saucer vehicle

Text from John :
Imagine sleeping while you drive. This notion may sound insane, but it is very possible with the Saucer. The world today is growing at a very fast pace and will continue to do so, meaning that people will not have enough time for anything and sadly that includes our precious sleep-time. Just to mention a few, perhaps you often have late nights from work and are too tired to drive or you need to get to an appointment, which is hundreds of miles away, early as possible the next morning or maybe you were invited to a party, but too drunk to drive back home. This is where the Saucer comes in…

Of course, the vehicle is not designed for an alcoholic individual or to cure insomnia, rather it is designed for those with very busy lives that leave them with little or limited sleep time.

saucer vehicle

The Saucer is a self-driven vehicle with a single size bed arrangement, where the driver is no longer the driver and instead take the time to sleep as he/she travel to his/her destination. This unique vehicle is especially targeted at night-shift individuals who are a long way from home. Simply put, if you’re feeling too tired to drive, don’t leave home without it.

saucer vehicle

The interior is soundproof and is equipped with a set of programming consoles that self-drive the vehicle. Even when awake, while traveling to your destination, there is enough room for you to lay back and relax, and keep yourself busy. Perhaps reading a magazine or newspaper, or simply turning-on some entertainment. A medium-size cargo compartment is also integrated at the rear end of the vehicle where you can store up some of your gear, such as a briefcase or a suitcase. – inspired by the Alien Flying Saucer.

saucer vehicle

saucer vehicle

saucer vehicle

Designer : John Bukasa

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Ki says: October 26, 2009

what a rip off man, you should be ashamed. you can't just rip Ferrari 512 S Modulo and call it your own design. you modeling and rendering are good enough for you to come up with your own designs. what a shame.

    John Bukasa says: October 27, 2009

    This Is To KI: I Know exactly what you're talking about, but please verify your information before you submit it. YOU ARE WRONG!

    Ronald D says: October 27, 2009

    Please go back the Disney forum Ki. You know nothing of what you speak and you are making yourself look stupid.

JABdO says: October 26, 2009

This is near future, nice aerodinamics

Jimelle says: October 26, 2009

Very Creative… But it seems like people can only lay down if they want to drive. What if they want to sit up and watch the scenery? In my opinion, the roof should be higher. && Would this only be a business car? Only a limited amount of people would be able to buy it. Only one person would be able to fit in it… so Carpooling would be outta the question. You could sell something like this to the actual businesses and they could give them out as they see fit. But I dont think this is a real option for real, working people. But with a few alterations, I believe that your idea could be used in the future one day. Could you possibly have seats in there, and they could possibly turn into a bed? Like, the backseats could fold out and become the first half… and the driver and passenger seats become the second half. The traditional center storage piece could be put somewhere else, like a place in the dashboard… or somewhere in the roof.

&& What about safety. Im very interested in what you have to say. Email me at please.

stephen russell says: October 27, 2009

Ideal for long range driving only.

IE Drive when alert & then snooze for PM hours.

Must be a coupe or sedan model.

Love the idea.

Id rent one BUT must have seats for day use.


Ki says: October 27, 2009

all im saying is that it looks so very similar to Pininfarina's, ItalDesign, hell even Bertone. if you guys don't think so here is a link to prove it.

very similar, im not making myself look bad at all. not my fault Ronald that you know nothing of classic auto design.

And John, like i said your work is good, you just need to come up with something more out there.

    Memphis says: October 28, 2009

    Very similar?maybe slightly.No, your intensions and reasoning toward this design is obvious. Great minds think alike Ki.

    Kevin says: November 18, 2009

    to Ki: Wtf? there are other dream cars designed like this but was never made a post about it

Liam says: November 1, 2009

Excuse me Ki I would like to mention something. Yes I do understand where you are coming from and what you mean but since you are able to give not one but three examples of SIMILAIR cars then surely you are also saying that they are copying each other. If you say that this car is similair to the Ferrari, the Lotus and the Bertone then you are also saying that the Ferrari, Lotus and Bertone are SIMILAIR to each other. So as you call THIS design copying these three cars, then you must also be saying that they are copying each other.

P.S. Also since, 'great minds think alike,' then this post also refers to you, Memphis.

keaton says: November 5, 2009

to ki: why would you put that dispute of ignorance for all to see, which you just embarrased yourself by doing so.

Anon says: October 27, 2010

Def is similar, This guys concept car is just rounder and no windows. I dont like the idea of sleeping while you drive. What if theres some malfunction and you crash and DIE? Yeah.. no thanks. I'd rather be awake and drive myself.

Gavin says: March 8, 2016

John Bukasa
I have watched your work and designs for many years
Since Campbell days
You are a LEGEND !!
Know this, “Dogs don’t bark at parked cars” .. You are moving !!
Keep well

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