PlayCloud Pavilion Is Reminiscent Of A Swimming Jellyfish

PlayCloud pavilion is full of fun, it aims to interact with people with its inflatable structure. People are allowed to sit and lean on it. These interactions are causing the inflatable structure to produce changes in air pressure. It makes the structure to gently sway, pretty cool huh? It’s like there’s a giant curtain surrounding all the people inside. The level of transparency, translucency, and opaqueness is determined by the thread’s density and by human activity. Feel free to play with it, you can touch and control the intensity of its transparency.

Playcloud also aims to interact with its surrounding environment. The pavilion would actively and physically engage the installation’s environment. Air structure would gently sway it horizontally with the wind. It would also expand and contract with air pressure and temperature, appearing almost to breathe. The movement of the inflatable structure would cause yarns hanging from the balloon to sway. This subtle motion of the pavilion would be reminiscent of a swimming jellyfish.

Designer : Nameless Architecture

Playcloud Pavilion

Playcloud Pavilion

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