Revival Vest Brings Black Out Divers to The Surface In An Upright Safety Position Ready for Resuscitation

Revival Vest concept was inspired by the death of a family friend of the designer due to shallow-water blackout during free-diving. It’s a very dangerous condition even most experienced divers might not be able to survive. The concept vest is based on a self-inflated jacket which triggered by changes in bodily signs during drowning. The designer has identified great potential of Footfall and Heartbeats smart fabric technology to prevent something like this from happening again. The fabric monitors respiration, specifically it detects any unusual change such as stretch around the chest while the diver suppresses breathing.

Designer : James McNab

Revival Vest by James McNab

Revival Vest by James McNab

When the diver blacks out, the body becomes limp and lifeless, this is when Revival Vest triggers itself to inflate and bring the diver to the surface in upright safety position ready for resuscitation. The chest strap has been designed to be in direct contact with the skin to provide accurate readings. Aside from protecting the diver’s life, this vest has also been designed to address the issue of wearing safety gear underwater. It won’t interfere with the diver’s movement, the sleek design aims to provide flexibility and work with your body instead of against it.

Revival Vest by James McNab

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stephen russell says: January 17, 2013

Make some & run tests off HI, & FL alone.
Or near Alaska Bering Sea.
Great for Navy hardhat divers alone use.

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